How to Play Footsie

Footsie is an intimate and playful way to flirt. It's usually done secretly when others are around, which makes it a little extra mischievous and fun. If you've never played footsie before, read below the jump to learn how to initiate and maintain the game.


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    Pick a partner. It should be someone you've already flirted with (and who has flirted back). If you try to play footsie with someone who's not interested in you, he or she will avoid playing along or tell you to stop. Choose wisely and spare yourself the embarrassment.
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    Be discreet. Footsie is no fun if everyone knows what you're doing. Make sure you can reach the other person's feet without tripping over the toes of unwanted spectators. Then quietly slip one of your shoes off (using your other foot to slide the shoe off if necessary).
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    Initiate contact. Tap or push the other person's foot lightly and playfully, then pull away. Do it just once and see the reaction. If he or she pulls their feet quickly out of reach, stop. If he or she looks around and says "Who just pushed my foot?" in an annoyed or upset tone, stop. If he or she doesn't notice/looks confused, make a subtle "above the table" contact. Give a little wink, Or give a cute, playful, or gentle smile. Try not to make the smile apologetic, though. They'll think it was an accident. If you're lucky, though, he or she will be receptive. Then, you should tap them more slowly and linger a bit. Then pull away and wait for him or her to come after your foot.
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    Keep it fun. Footsie should be a gentle and playful way of flirting. Try lightly running run foot up to the other person's calf and knee, then back down. Massage his or her ankle with the sole of your foot, or lock ankles (twist your ankle around theirs). Make eye contact and smile.
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    Stay stealthy. If you have to stop playing footsie suddenly, throw a wink or a smile at the other person to let them know it's not their fault. If you're in a large group, make sure you have your feet back in your shoes and socks in time to get up with everyone else when it's time to go.


  • Sometimes, people are very ticklish, which can make playing footsie even more fun. Be careful not to tickle them so much that they jolt and hit their knee on the table or something like that. Be gentle!
  • Try some above-the-table banter. If the person seems distracted, pretend you don't know why and say "You look a little distracted. How come?" The person will probably feel a little embarrassed because they won't want to tell everyone else at the table that you two are playing footsie, and that's part of the fun!
  • If footsie is going well, you can use your toes to pin the other person's socks to the floor, take them off and tickle his or her bare soles with your toes.
  • Watch the person's body language to see if they're receptive.


  • Never talk about having just played footsie. It's an unspoken form of flirting best enjoyed without discussion.
  • If you have athlete's foot or have not recently showered, be sure to keep your socks on.

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