How to Play Fantasy Baseball on CBS Sports in a Generic Head‐to‐Head League

Five Parts:Creating an AccountJoining a LeagueStarting Your Pre-SeasonDrafting Your TeamStarting your Season

Plenty of people hear about fantasy baseball but when they get to the webpage to sign up, they have no clue what to do. If you need some help when you reach the CBS Sports page, start with step one, below. This guide will help you succeed in your league.

Part 1
Creating an Account

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    Go on to the website
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    Look at the top right of the screen and click "Sign Up."
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    Sign up for an account there. If you already have an account, log in with your login credentials. Fill in all of the information that they ask for.

Part 2
Joining a League

  • This part allows you to join a league with 9 other random people. They will be your competition for the rest of the baseball season.
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    Click on "Fantasy." on the CBS Sports homepage
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    Click on "Play now," which is right next to where you clicked "Fantasy."
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    Scroll down until you find "Fantasy Baseball Free." Click "Play Now" under that header.
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    Create your team name. Whether this is your own personal name or it's a name of a professional team you follow closely, pick out your team name and type it into the box.
    • This will be your team's name for the whole season and it cannot be changed.
    • If your team name is illegal, they will ask you to create a new one instantly.
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    Look at the headers when at the "Join a League" screen.
    • Find a date that is convenient for you and select it under "Draft Date".
    • Select "H2H" (head-to-head) under the "Scoring" selection section.
    • Pick the league of players you'd like to choose from for the pool. For the largest selection of teams, pick "Both AL/NL"
    • Under "draft" it should say "Live."
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    Go for it! When you find the league that suits you best, click "Join League" next to the league that you are joining.

Part 3
Starting Your Pre-Season

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    Gather some of your fantasy advice on your league. This is located on your league's homepage. Under this section the professional sports analysis crew will make videos and articles that will inform you of news around the baseball world. This involves some very useful features. You can use this to see drafts that were done by professionals, you can see the tiers that each player is placed in by their position, and plenty more.
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    Learn about each of the players on your league in the Player News section. This shows you what is going on with players individually. This news usually tells you if a player is hurt, doing good or bad, is traded, etc. Using this feature will help you know who is going to miss a couple of weeks in the season or who just earned a starting spot on the team. With this type of information sometimes a player will go from being a first round draft pick to a mid/low round pick.
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    Mock-draft some players in the Mock Drafting section. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to find it. A mock draft is a draft that does not count for anything but it helps you get prepared for the real draft. You will be placed in a draft with 9 other people and it will be identical to the real draft. Doing this helps you know where players might land in the draft and you can see how your team might look like if you choose a certain path.
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    Gather advice from your magazine to help you draft your team. If using all of the information that CBS Sports already gave you is not enough, then you can buy a magazine to help you out. Buy two magazines so you can compare them to find a better generalization of which players are will work best for your league. the best.
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    Draft your league's rules. You'll find this near the top of the screen under the Home link. Read all of the league rules before your draft date. This will tell you how the scoring works and how many players you need at each position. If you read these rules you will know what positions are needed before the end of the draft which will make the draft much easier.

Part 4
Drafting Your Team

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    Pick your draft order. At the top of the draft room you will see 10 square pictures lined up next to each other. This is each player's team in the order that they will be drafting. You will be doing a "snake" style draft. What this means is that it goes 1 through 10 for the first round and then vice versa (10 to 1) in the second round. For example: if you have the 1st pick of the draft then your next pick will not be until the 20th pick; if you have the 10th pick of the draft then your next pick will come right after, the 11th pick. There are 22 rounds in the draft which should yield a maximum of 220 picks.
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    Select your drafted players, all while watching the clock. Each player in your league is allowed 90 seconds per pick. If you fail to pick a player within that time frame then the computer will automatically pick a legal player for you.
    • If this happens to you then your computer will set your account on auto-pilot. Until you turn yourself off autopilot, all of your future picks will be made for you. To turn auto-pilot off look directly under the draft clock and click "turn on autopilot." Now you will be in control of the draft again.
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    Watch your queue for which players have been picked by which of your league's teams. With this tool you can queue players so you can automatically draft them when it is your pick. Utilize the improperly spelled Que(sic) button to place these types of queued picks. This will help you stay organized and keep you from forgetting about which players you wanted to draft.

Part 5
Starting your Season

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    Set your lineup. Every week, before the first MLB game played on Monday, you have to set your lineup. You must follow the lineup rules, there are restrictions that you can find in the league rules. Each player must be set to a position that they play. You can check a player's position availability by clicking on their name. Some players play multiple positions. To get to the screen to set your lineup, on the league's homepage, click on My Team.
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    Make Add/Drops and Trades. You do not have to keep all of the same players that you chose on draft day throughout the season. You can do add/drops and make trades. Add/Drops are when you pick up a free agent and drop a player from your team. This can be found under "players" on your league's homepage.
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    Decide when a trade for other players could be needed. Trades are when you decide to exchange players with another team in your league. If they accept your trade, there will be two days for the other teams in the league to vote against your trade if they think that it is unfair. If four or more teams vote against your trade then the trade will not be executed. Trading can be found by clicking on any player, from your team or another team, and clicking "trade."
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    Make some projections and live score the games in your league with the Projections and Live Scoring option.
    • Check your Projections. Before each week starts, you can look at a scoring preview between you and your opponent. This will show you how many points your team is projected to get versus how many points your opponent is expected to get. You can find this if you hover over scores on your league's homepage and click on "scoring preview."
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    • Check your Live Scoring. This shows you what your score is for the week. You cannot change anything here but you can see how your team is doing throughout the week. At the end of the week whoever has the most points, between you and your opponent, wins. There is no tiebreaker rule so if you have the same amount of points then you will recieve a tie. If this happens in the playoffs, whoever had a better record in the regular season will move on to the next round.
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    Check the standings. As you get further and further into the season, you will want to see how you are doing compared to the other teams in the league. To find this you have to go to Standings which is located on your league's homepage. When you go here it will show you everything you need to know, including your record, points scored, how many games you are out of the playoffs, etc.
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    Make the playoffs. The two division winners and the two next best teams make the playoffs. If you do make the playoffs then you will play in a sudden death match against your opponent. Whoever wins, goes on to the finals, the loser is out for the season. The winner of the finals is crowned as champion and gets all of the glory and bragging rights for next season.


  • Make sure to set your lineup at least five minutes prior to the first MLB game that will be played that week.
  • If you make an unbalanced trade (i.e. two players for one player on the opposing team), make sure you still meet the requirements for roster limit after the trade is officially made.
  • If your lineup is illegal, your team will receive a score of zero for that week.
  • Do not forget that is important to start your fantasy season right before or right after the baseball season has begun. If you try to do it too early or too late, there will not be any leagues for you to join.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • 1-2 fantasy sports magazines (optional)

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