How to Play Egg Roulette

Egg roulette is a very silly but extremely fun game to play. In an eggshell, it consists of having six eggs, one of which is raw and the rest of which are cooked. The players must hit themselves on the heads with the egg, and the loser is the one who gets the raw egg––and mess!


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    Select an amount of eggs. The usual amount is 6, as a game of real roulette would have. However, you can vary this depending on the guest amount. It is recommended not to go any higher though, as the suspense gets spoiled and it's best to divide people into smaller groups instead.
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    Boil five of the eggs, leaving one egg raw. Refrigerate all of the eggs, so that it is hard to impossible to tell which have been boiled.
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    Arrange the refrigerated eggs on a platter inside egg cups or in an egg carton.
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    Line your players up. Ask them for an order or impose one on them, depending on what works best for your party. Each player much come to the table or bench where the eggs are and choose an egg. Then, the player must crack the egg against his or her forehead to see if they've selected the one that is raw.
    • Inform players to be careful, as a hard boiled egg can hurt!
    • It also helps to divert too much examination of the eggs by a player by letting them know that they must only choose an egg by sight and that once they've picked it up, they must go ahead and smash it against their head, even if they suspect it's the raw one.
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    Wait to see who gets the raw egg. Be ready with face towels, paper towels and wipes.
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    Award a prize. It's pretty tough getting egg all over your face. Be sure to cheer up the unfortunate winner with a sweet prize. Make it so nice that everyone else will wish they'd scored the raw egg.


  • To save your player's clothing, have them wear an apron or use unwanted men's shirts as "art smocks" to protect their clothing.
  • Do this on a floor covered in newspaper or a drop cloth or somewhere where it doesn't matter if egg falls, such as the grass outside.
  • In case the first player gets the raw egg, have another set of eggs lined up to extend the chances of more players having some fun. You could even have playoffs! Alternatively, just keep playing with the same ratio of boiled to raw eggs, until there is only one safe player left.
  • Drawing designs or pictures on the eggs can be a way of encouraging certain eggs to be selected over others, to increase the fun!


  • Use fresh eggs, absolutely. There is no excuse for upsetting a guest with a rotten egg.
  • Since this can involve some pain from the boiled egg hitting your head and some mess from a messy egg, be sure that everyone participating is aware of the consequences. Don't force anyone to play this and it's best played from teen years on, as younger children might hurt themselves with the hard egg.

Things You'll Need

  • Eggs
  • Saucepan and water for boiling
  • Egg carton or egg cups for display
  • Drop cloth or newspaper for floor
  • Cover-up clothing or aprons to protect players' clothes

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