How to Play Ditto

Two Methods:Setting up the gamePlaying the game

The object of this game is to not laugh. Which is just what makes it such a funny game and so hard to win! This is a great icebreaker or party mood lifter when people seem a bit wary or unsure.

Method 1
Setting up the game

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    Have all the players sit together closely in a circle. They can be seated on the ground or on chairs, whichever suits the occasion.
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    Explain to the players that they can do certain things to another player. The acts must not harm another person or be painful but beyond that, anything goes. Examples of things that can be done include:
    • Pulling at, rearranging or straightening the player's clothing.
    • Messing up the player's hair.
    • Touching parts of the player, such as their arm or cheeks.
    • Light squeezing or pinching of arms or legs.
    • Taking hair accessories out of the hair.
    • Tweaking a mustache or beard gently.
    • Very gently pulling or twisting a nose.
    • Making a funny face at the player, sticking fingers in your own ears and waggling your tongue, and so forth.
    • Pounding your chest like a gorilla.
    • Making bunny's ears over the player's head, etc.

Method 2
Playing the game

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    Have the first player do something to the player seated to his or her right.
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    In turn, this player must do the same action to the player to his or her right.
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    Continue until the whole circle has repeated the first action to the player alongside of them. If anyone laughs during this entire round, they are now out of the game.
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    Repeat using a new action. The starter of the new action is the person to the right of the first player, and so on around the circle.
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    Declare the winner. The person who has managed to not laugh by the end of the game is the winner. Hopefully they're just very good at holding their mirth inside and not a natural sourpuss!


  • The funnier and sillier the act, the faster the game will go; make players aware of this.
  • This game works best with a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 30-35. Too few and everyone will set each other off; too many and the game risks lagging and boring everyone witless.
  • Have a prize for the winner. They've earned it!

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