How to Play Clash of Clans

Four Parts:Getting StartedProtecting Your BaseAttacking OthersJoining a Clan and Getting Social

Clash of Clans is an addictive game where you build a base, protect it, train troops and attack others. As you get more and more gold and elixir resources, your base will get bigger and better! Here is a simple, easy to follow method of how to become an experienced Clash of Clans player.

Part 1
Getting Started

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    Get your base up and running. First priority is to make your base more defensive so no one takes away your treasures. Focus on trying to put your town hall in the center of your base so that it is hard to take more trophies from you that come with taking down the town hall.
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    Go to the Shop, the items to protect your base are under "Defense." Good initial defenses are walls and the mortar. If you have these, you are much less likely to have someone raid you and steal your gold and elixir. Walls are much better upgraded so make sure you can do that quite quickly.Try to get the walls to level 3 as quick as possible.
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    Since you have limited resources at first, put the walls you buy around the most important buildings only. It is great if you can protect the town hall, gold storage(s) and elixir storage(s). Kick the builder huts and army buildings out. Also, do not try to put walls around everything. It's better to have double thick walls than one huge line, right?
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    Spend your gold, elixir and gems wisely. Do not waste them, especially your gems because they come in short supply. Do not spend your gems! Save them for another builder hut!
    • Use your gems to build builder's huts. It is tempting to them all right away, but don't. You will need your gems later.
    • The most efficient way to spend gems is to invest in builders' huts as this enables you to upgrade multiple towers and other defenses at once.
    • Don't spend on extra gold or elixir storage at first, because you don't need it.
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    Decide if you want to use real money to get ahead in the game. You can buy more gems with real money.[1]
    • There are other ways of getting gems than spending money. So if you don't want to spend your money, not to worry. You can get gems when you remove trees and obstacles from the area around your base.

Part 2
Protecting Your Base

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    Remember that defense is the best offense! Build a strong base to protect yourself from attackers. It is very satisfying to have enemies attack you and fail.
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    Make sure your base is concentrated in one area, not spread out.
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    Keep your key buildings in the most defensible position. Place your storages and town hall in the center of your base, behind the defenses and walls.
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    Put builders huts in the corners. That way, when enemies attack the middle of your base, they won't have time to get to your huts as well.
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    Continue to improve your defenses. After you have gained resources, make your base even stronger by upgrading walls and other defenses and towers.
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    Use traps as much as possible. Traps do a lot of damage to attacking enemies and are worth upgrading, the one time hit damage can easily take out groups of smaller troops and seriously hurt larger types too. Put them in sneaky places that people wouldn't expect.
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    Protect all of your defenses. Eventually, you can aspire to other more advanced defenses like archer towers and anti aircraft defenses. Mortars do a lot of damage per shot but they shoot very slowly. Keep these in the center of your base because of their blind spot and their superb range. If you do not protect your air defenses your base will fall to healers.

Part 3
Attacking Others

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    Attack whenever possible. Attacking is all good. There is no downside and you can get valuable items and trophies. You may want to lose trophies to get resources from easier defenders. You will not get as much per raid but it's easier and you don't have to spend as much on your army. It is easier to steal resources than mine for them. And, it is fun!
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    Check how much gold an enemy base has before attacking. You can see how much gold each possible enemy base you can attack has. If it has none, don't bother attacking. If it has a very large amount, it may be too well defended for you to attack. However, if it has a large amount and you can take it ,do it. Take a few risks!
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    Attack the treasures. Have your troops attack the storage areas for gold and elixir first.
    • After a successful attack, you will bring back more gold and elixir, which you can then spend.
    • If you are losing an attack, there is no shame in just pulling back your troops to your base. You can always train more troops later. Know when to quit.
    • When you attack a gold storage, the gold will go into your bank account immediately. Even if your troops are killed during the attack, the gold remains in your account.
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    You get even more treasure/bonus if you completely destroy the opponents base or town hall.
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    Make sure you train more troops to replace the ones lost in battle. To train, tap the barracks and you will see the train menu. The best ones to train at first are barbarians (for 25 elixir each) and giants (for 500 elixir each.)
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    Build a laboratory. The laboratory lets you upgrade your troops so they have more offensive power and can sustain more damage. You can also get advanced kinds of troops such as archers, a wizard, and goblins. You can also build a spell factory after a while. This can create many spells that add different advantages to your attacks.
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    Learn about leagues. As you start collecting trophies, you will go up in leagues, each league has a bonus of extra gold and elixir win winning a match. The higher league level is the higher the bonus becomes. The higher level leagues also provide a dark elixir bonus.

Part 4
Joining a Clan and Getting Social

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    Rebuild the clan castle so you can join a clan. In a few days after starting, find your clan castle and upgrade it.
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    Look for a clan to join. Take your time and check to see which one look good. You probably want one where the people are online around the same time as you.
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    Clan members don't attack each other, and in fact can share troops too.
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    Know that if you are in a clan, you will get to chat and get to know people you should like. You also can have the fun of attacking and defending with people who are your same experience level i the game.
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    Realize a clan can participate in Clan Wars, in which the members of the clan can go face-to-face with another clan and earn enormous amounts of loot.
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    If you don't like the clan you are in, switch clans. You may find yourself in a clan where people are all much older or younger than you. Or, they all speak a different language. Either way, no shame in moving on.
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    Once in a clan there is a possibility to be promoted to a "Clan elder", this gives you the ability to kick players from the clan.
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    Members with high levels are likely to donate and share high level troops.
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    If joining a clan isn't really for you but you enjoy talking to people there is still the global chat. The global chat is an open chat room for any players online.
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    Note that you can be banned from the global chat if you excessively use offensive language


Attack and defense tips:

  • It's important to have both a good offense and defense.
  • If you're in a clan, it's good to share troops; the more troops you share, the more you are likely to get in return.
  • Upgrading the clan castle is a good idea as it's a great way to improve your offense without spending any elixir.
  • Train troops before you are about to attack with full army camps so that when your attack is completed, additional troops while be trained during the attack; thus, resulting in less time spent waiting for troop production.
  • Your village cannot be attacked by other players if you are online.
  • Single player mode is also a good way to earn gold and elixir (especially the higher levels).
  • Vary your troops that you use to find a combination of troops that compliments your playing style. Once you find a good combo stick with it until you unlock another troop. Try troops out.

Other tips

  • You can also remove bushes, trunks, and trees for occasional gems.
  • Pay close attention to upcoming updates as several can be highly beneficial to you. For example, SuperCell often reduce the amount of gems it costs to boost production type towers for a varied amount of days.
    • SuperCell's clash of clans updates can be found on their Facebook page here.
  • When trying to recruit members for you clan, try the global chat in order to spread the word.
    • Offering positions such as clan elder can make new members more inclined to join but makes you seem desperate for members.
  • Join ClashTillUBleed or War Till UBleed.
  • If battles are getting too hard and you find yourself losing resources instead of gaining any, just drop down league(s) till your comfortable with the battle selection.
  • You can find all the queries, questions and other doubts related to Clash of Clans on official forum. [2]
  • Save your treasure in the clan castle. It will help when you need lots of gold and elixir.


  • Clash of clans is an online multiplayer game and so frequent playing of this game would not be advised if you're using an iPhone without an unlimited internet plan and Wi-Fi connection.
  • The gems used to boost collectors or speed up upgrades cost real money.
  • Be careful! Clash of Clans is an addicted game. It may cost you a lot.

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