How to Play Chako Stick

Chako stick is a distinct game played by various cultures around the world. It involves only a stick!


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    Get a piece of stick (maybe an old broom stick).
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    Cut a big piece about 1 and half feet long, and two small pieces about half a foot each.
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    Get two pieces of brick or two rocks that can hold one of the small pieces of wood.
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    Pick 3 to 5 members for the two teams playing against each other.
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    Choose who goes first and then have the first person set his small piece on the two rock or sets of bricks.
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    Now the other team chooses who lobs the other half inch piece (from 20 or 30 feet) towards the piece which is set on the ground on the bricks or two rocks and tries to hit it out of its position. If he or she hits it out of its position, the player who set his piece down is out and that team is charged an out.
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    The team that is up has only three outs and when the outs are up the teams must switch sides (Meaning the one team comes up to hit the stick and the other team goes out to try to catch the stick).
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    If the first person who set the small piece down does not get his or her piece hit during the lob, he can continue. They do this by setting the long piece of stick under the small piece and with some good leverage, flick it out into the field (make sure you are in a wide open area with lots of space when playing this game. If no one catches it, it is 5 points. When it lands on the ground then that same person has one more chance to make points. He or she must use another real small piece of rock or whatever and lever the small piece of wood in maybe at a 45 degree angle using the ground and small rock(hope you figure it out) and then by striking down with the long piece and hitting the small piece in the front tip. While it is in the air hit it towards the field where the other team is and smack it hard (excuse my language). If he or she hits it then and no one catches it is another 50 points and if he or she hits it over everyone it is 100 points.If someone catches it is considered an out. If unable to hit it on the first try it is an out.
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    The object of the game is to see who gets 500 points. That team wins!


  • Expert offensive players who are revered are the ones who can hit the 45 or 30 degree stunt hit on the stick and who can hit it real far!
  • Also defensive players who know where the stick will go and can catch it are considered good players and everyone wants them on their team.
  • Finally a tip on defense: Have your players spread out so that there are more chances of catching the stick,thus making a quick out so your team can come up much quicker to smack the stick and make points to win the game.


  • Try not to hit windshields or windows or even other people who might get the stick land on their heads which might hurt them.

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