How to Play Body Body

Body-Body is a fun game you can play at birthday parties, slumber parties (if you're into that type of thing) or if you are just very bored. It can be played in either large or small groups, and is similar to Mafia.


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    Gather a group of people together. Your group should be no smaller than 7 people, as it is too difficult to play after this point.
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    Find a standard deck of 52 cards (it can include jokers).
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    Decide how many murderers you should have. For a small group, you should only need one, for a group of twenty or so, you can go as high as two or three murderers.
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    From the deck of cards, pick out one card for each person playing the game. There needs to be a special card for each murderer, such as an ace or a king.
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    Take this pile of cards and place them face down in the center of the room in which you are playing.
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    Have everyone pick a card from the pile. They cannot show or tell anyone what their card is. Have them place their cards back in the pile. The person (or people) with the special identification cards is (are) the murder(s).
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    Explain that those who are the murderers must indicate to a person that they are being murdered when a pair of hands are placed around their neck in a strangling motion.
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    Have everyone gather in a circle, on their hands and knees. Everyone must be quiet, and somebody must be near the door to turn off the lights.
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    Turn off the lights and start crawling around.
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    The murderer(s) will also be crawling around, silently choking people when the lights are off.
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    Now comes the fun part. If you come across someone lying on the ground, yell "Body! Body!", and have the person by the light switch flip the lights on.
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    You must now vote on who you think is the murderer. Those people who are not dead vote between two people who they believe are the murderer. If you are the murderer, you say "You got me!". If you are not the murderer, you say "It wasn't me!" The people who were murdered and those who have been executed sit in a corner of the room silently.
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    Keep playing. The game continues until either everyone is dead or the murderer(s) is (are) caught.


  • If you have an especially large group, you may want to expand to two rooms in order to avoid injuries.
  • You must be quiet. The game is not fun if people are talking.
  • Make sure that when you are murdered, lay flat on the floor so that people can tell you are dead.
  • Remember what your card was! It is not fun if you are the murderer but can't remember if you are!


  • This game can get dangerous if you have a large group moving around in one room. Keep in mind that you will probably get bumped and stomped on in the course of the game.

Things You'll Need

  • A group of seven or more people
  • A large room (such as a living room or a gym) that doesn't let in a lot of light
  • A deck of cards

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