How to Play Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is played on a beach, or a sand court with teams of 2 players on each side of a net. It has become an Olympic sport, and it is played in the summer Olympic Games every 4 years. As with volleyball played indoors, the object of the game is to serve the volleyball over the net, and get it to land on the ground, without a member of the other team being able to hit it back to your team's side of the net.


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    Find a place to play on a beach volleyball court. Many local public beach areas will have nets set up for impromptu volleyball games, and sometimes court time can be reserved through a Parks and Recreation Department. Sand courts can also be found at parks and other recreation areas. Remember to bring a volleyball. They will usually not be provided at the courts.
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    Recruit 4 players. Unlike indoor volleyball, each beach volleyball team should only have 2 players. Those 2 players must be in play throughout the entire game, and cannot use substitutes or replacements.
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    Establish agreed upon rules. According to standard beach volleyball regulations, the match is won by the team that wins 2 sets. A set is won by the first team to reach at least 21 points in a game with an advantage of at least 2 points. If there is a 20-20 tie, the game will continue until 1 side reaches a 2 point advantage.
    • Keep score according to the Rally Point System. One team will win each rally. When the opposing team serves and wins the rally, it scores 1 point and serves again. When the opposing team receives and wins the rally, it scores a point and wins the right to serve.
    • Switch court sides after every 7 points in set 1 and set 2, and every 5 points in the third set. This will require each team to play in the same weather conditions, which can be more favorable on 1 side of the net, depending on where the sun is shining or which way the wind is blowing.
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    Play the game. Decide which side will serve first, and begin playing beach volleyball. Play until 1 side has won 2 sets and the match.


  • Remember to smooth the sand on each side between points, and when the teams switch sides. Avoid playing when large holes or gaps are in the sand, or if there is a lot of debris on the playing area.


  • Use sunscreen when playing outdoors during the day. Use a high SPF that will work even while you are perspiring. Use other protections against the sun such as sunglasses and hats. Be sure to drink plenty of water while playing and stay hydrated.
  • Check with a physician before engaging in intense physical activity. Beach volleyball requires a lot of physical endurance, and the jumping and falling can be hard on bones and joints.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand court
  • Volleyball net
  • Volleyball
  • 4 players

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