How to Play Bacronyms

Have you ever thought of common English dictionary words as being acronyms? This is a fun thing to do with English words.


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    Learn how to form bacronyms. It is assumed that you are familiar with acronyms. In acronyms, you normally pick the initial letters of the name of an institution, enterprise etc., and form a word, which may have no meaning taken by itself. A bacronym, on the other hand, is a novel concept, not yet a dictionary word. Here is how to create a bacronym:
    • Form a phrase using only the letters of the word itself (no more, no less) in their sequential order, so that the phrase yields one of the dictionary meanings of the word or its common usage. For example:
      • Have you ever thought of Ear - as the Earliest Audio Receiver?
      • Or, Easy - as Effortless And Simple, Yes.
      • And New - as Not Ever Witnessed or Never Ever Witnessed.
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    While away the hours making your own bacronyms. See how many you can make:
    • Open the dictionary to any page you like.
    • Select a section of words.
    • Work through them methodically to create amazing bacronyms.
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    Hold bacronym parties with your friends. Play games with words you've already chosen in advance and set time limits. People can play individually or in teams. And award prizes for the best bacronyms, based on everyone's consensus.
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    Switch it up by making quizzes where some of the words are missing. These can be given in quiz form, for example:
    • Stomach - Sensitive, Turbulent Organ, M........ Activity Conducted Here. (Metabolism)
    • Tableau - Theatrical And Beautiful Looking Exposition A......... U...... (Arranged Uncannily).


  • Here are some more examples of bacronyms:
    • Best - By Every Standard Tops.
    • Words - What Objectively Record Definitive Speech.
    • Cram - Constantly Repeat And Memorize.
    • Cage - Captured Animals Guarded Enclosure.
    • Bear - Better Endure And Reconcile.
    • But - Better Understand That.
    • Magic - Mystery And Gimmickry In Collusion.
    • Chaos - Confusion Hyperactive At Operation Site.
    • Dreams - Daringly Realistic Experiences Amidst Mystique Scenes.
  • If young readers decide to go for this exercise they would find it very thought provoking, it will enhance their interest in the English language and will certainly enlarge their vocabulary. Since one word has often more than one meaning, normally only one meaning can be incorporated. So one has plenty of scope to try his or her ingenuity and bring out the other meanings. Also, as there are many words with similar meanings, there is very good scope for creating different phrases.
  • Here is the "ABC of Bacronyms" (X is missing):
    • Acronym A Cryptic Representation Of Name You Makeup.
    • Bacronym i) Brilliantly, Assembled Catchy, Rustic, Odd Narrative, Yet Meaningful. ii) Brilliantly, Arranged Catchy, Realistic, Omnifarious Narrative,Yields Meaning.
    • Clairvoyance Clear Legendary Ability Involving Revelations, Verily Occult, Yet Awe-inspiring Notifying, Coming, Events.
    • Direct Discreetly Instruct Regarding Expeditiously Conducting Task.
    • Emotion Essentially Measures Our Tensions, Intentional Or Natural.
    • Festival Fuses Effectively Social Ties Inter-linking Versatile Activities Lustily.
    • Glorious Generally Lustrous Or Radiantly Illustrious, Often, Unquestionably, Splendid.
    • Homicide Hurting Openly Mankind; Injury Culminating In Death - Even.
    • Information Important News, Facts, Or Recorded Mandatory Activity, That Is Often Noteworthy.
    • Jumble Just Unloosen, Mix Brusquely, Looking, Expectantly.
    • Kit Key, Implements, Traditional.
    • Lame* Looks, Apparently, Mundane Excuse.
    • Mouse** Moves, Obediently, Upon Screen, Enquiringly.
    • Narrate Naively Address Recounting Ramblingly, Although Truthfully Events.
    • Observe Overall Become Spectator, Exercising, Restraint, View Everything.
    • Phantom Proverbial Hair-raising Apparition, Naturally Traumatic, Overstrains Mentally.
    • Quality Quizzical, Utilitarian, Attractive Looking, Invitingly Tempts You.
    • Reporter Researches Extensively, Pinpointing Observations Reveals, Tactfully, Everything Recorded.
    • Sympathy Solace, Your Mental Peace Activates, Thereafter Heals You.
    • Tolerant Treats Offenders Lightly, Enraged Remains, Apparently, Not Troubled.
    • Understand Upturn New Data, Explanations, Review Suitably Thence Absorb Neatly Details.
    • Ventilate Victimized, Expound Now Thoughts Innermost, Letting Anger Take Expression.
    • Wisdom What Instinctively Seems Desirable Or Meritorious.
    • Yobbish Youngster, Overtly, Boisterous Busybody, Indeed, Shrewd, Hooligan.
    • Zoom Zap, Often Outdistancing Miraculously.
    • Lame here means ‘unconvincing.

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