How to Play Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is one of the most famous alien invasion games. The game runs on all platforms and has watchable graphics. This article will explain how to play Alien Shooter.


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    Download the game from torrents or from other sites or even you can go for a trial mode because that gives you a glimpse of Alien Shooter and later increases your desire to play the whole game.
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    After you get the game install it or if you already have all stuff zipped start the game.
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    After starting the game you will get lots of options choose new game and choose your avatar and type in your name to create a profile.After this you will get loads of options for your weaponry.
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    In weaponry section there are three parts one is stats on top left side,then is equipment and then weapons.
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    As in starting you don't have any money go to campaign-1 and start playing.look for holes in the fences and destroy all cart boxes and oil drums to get money and ammo's and even extra life.
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    Enter broken walls to get lots of money.As you keep on getting more money you can buy armors and drone from the equipment menu and also guns from weapons menu.
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    As the game progresses the levels will keep getting harder and also the aliens especially the rocket launchers equipped aliens and toxic liquid thrower aliens.
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    Your basic point of survival is to keep hitting using a mouse (try to point mouse on aliens to shoot them) and while you are shooting them keep running away to kill to the max and take less damage.
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    In higher stages take red armor,drone and guns like laser gun and freeze gun and even Rocket launchers.Use the big immovable machine guns in the game to act boss like.Don't forget to destroy portal circles after you get equipped with bombs.
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    Freeze gun is the best gun when it comes to heavy ganging of aliens so use it most often and then use rocket launchers and other guns like fire guns to turn them to ashes.


  • Don't shoot oil drums or toxic drums when you are near them as it will bring your health down.Shoot from a distance.
  • Don't forget to take ammo's and other items that you get from cart boxes especially health capsules and mega health capsules.
  • Keep shooting at aliens and keep running away.
  • Use Freeze gun,Rocket launchers and fire gun during heavy alien Ganging.
  • Shoot on trapped doors to kill aliens on the other side.And don't forget to switch on the power supply to destroy other trapped aliens.


  • When low on health run away and go to old places to get health capsules.
  • Run away from circle portals after applying bombs on them.
  • Stay away from chemical throwers and also don't step on those chemicals as it will bring your health down.

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