How to Play a Prank

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Looking for fun? A harmless prank is a good way for you and your friends to have a good laugh. This article will show you pick a good prank that you can get a good laugh out of and won't cause any long-lasting damage.

Method 1
Easy Pranks

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    Change a friend or coworker's tech settings to another language. Get hold of their Facebook, phone or computer and change all the settings to Latin, or Spanish, or German, anything they don't speak.
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    Change a few common words on Word or Outlook autocorrect. When your friend tries to type something, it automatically puts in the misspelled word. You can also do this in your friend's autocorrect on their phone so when they try to text they get really weird or hilarious words.
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    Dip the ends of pens in clear nail polish. Do this to your coworkers or your family members. The ink won't be able to get through and no one will be able to write anything.
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    Put clear nail polish on some soap. Leave it in the shower or by the sink so you can watch. It won't lather and your victim(s) won't be able to wash their hands, or figure out why the soap won't work.
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    Pretend raisin cookies are chocolate chip cookies. Bring a large batch of raisin cookies into work and say that they are chocolate chip cookies. Watch as everyone gets really mad when they take a bite. To spice it up a little put some pepper in.
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    Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding. Watch as someone makes a sandwich (or be really helpful and make them a sandwich). Or you could grab in down while you're with your friends and starting digging into the mayo.
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    Switch the salt and the sugar. Put sugar in the salt shaker and put salt in the sugar bowl (or even in the sugar bag).

Method 2
Medium-Level Pranks

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    Put a piece of tape over a friend or coworker's computer mouse. The mouse won't connect to the screen and it will drive them crazy trying to get their mouse to work. If you're feeling extra hilarious, put a funny picture on the underside of the mouse so they know who's responsible.
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    Put yellow food coloring in the toilet tank. The toilet tank has the water the replenishes the water supply in the toilet bowl when you flush. Every time someone flushes the toilet it will make it look as if the toilet is broken.
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    Make a bottomless box. Cut through the bottoms of all the cereal boxes in your house and leave them upright in the cupboard for a hungry, unsuspecting victim to grab.
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    Get someone stuck holding an egg through a door. When a friend or family member has their hands full, tell them you want to try an experiment. Get them to put their hand through a door and hold onto an egg. Then walk away, leaving them still standing, unable to leave without dropping the egg.
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    Fill a deodorant container with cream cheese. Remove the deodorant stick from the container and replace it with a stick of cream cheese. You'll need to shape the cream cheese across the top of the deodorant container.

Method 3
Difficult Pranks

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    Cover a door with saran wrap. You will only want to cover the upper part of the door, otherwise their feet will hit the wrap instead of their face. (You may be able to trip the victim if you put it below!) Also you need to pull the saran wrap taut to tape it, otherwise your victim will see it. Enlist a friend to help.
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    Cover an actual egg with chocolate. Get a real egg and cover it with melted chocolate. Allow to dry. Cover it with brightly colored foil, like a chocolate egg. Give to someone you love.
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    Switch the handle on the fridge door. If you have a refrigerator that allows you to remove the handle, get a screwdriver and unscrew the handle. Switch it to the other side of the fridge, and screw it back in. People will try to open the fridge and get really frustrated when they can't.
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    Fill a dozen cream donuts with mayo. Get a dozen cream filled donuts, scrape out the cream, and refill it with mayo. Take to work and anonymously leave it in the break room.
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    Change all the clocks in the house. You'll need to have access to your victim's phone and computer, otherwise they will figure out pretty quickly what's going on. Change it to a couple hours ahead or behind.
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    Saran wrap someone's car. Take saran wrap and wrap it all the way around your victim's car so they can't get into with without cutting it. You'll need a lot of saran wrap to pull this off.
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    Do a headphone prank! If someone walks away from their headphones or stops using their phone, ask to call your parents. Then make sure the colleague is wearing their headphones. Play this video on full volume:
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    Tell a friend their teacher wants to see them. If you go to a big school, tell a friend that a teacher wants you at their office ASAP. You could even make a note from him/her to make it seem authentic. Your friend will have to walk all the way to the teachers office only to find they've been pranked.

Method 4
Classic Pranks

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    Splash a friend with water. Use a paper cup or a vessel that can hold water and won't break if it falls a long distance, and won't hurt if it falls on someone's head. Slightly open a door to your victim's bedroom. place the cup on the door. When he/she opens the door, the container will fall, splashing water on the victim!
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    Use the old, "pie in the face" prank. Bake a pie and put it in a slingshot facing a non-see through door. Hold the slingshot until someone opens the door, then let go. Kersplat!
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    Try the old feather prank. Take a fan and face it towards a non-see through door. Empty your pillow of feathers in front of it. When your victim opens the door, turn the fan on! Feathers will fly everywhere.
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    Give the "water in the face" prank a go. Take a piece of tape and tape a faucet. It should spray whoever turns it on next.
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    Do a sneeze prank. Put some water in your hand. While someone is sitting or standing, pretend to sneeze. When you fake sneeze, throw the water on the person you are pranking. They'll be somewhat grossed out! Have some tissues ready to help them clean up.
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    Do a "You sat on it!" prank. During lunch with your colleagues, take some condiments (ketchup, barbecue, mustard, mayo, etc) and put some on the chair, Make sure you don't do this to people that are wearing their favorite, expensive pants, or someone who is alert about their surroundings.
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    Do the monster under the bed prank. Before your target goes to bed, hide under the bed with a gross glove or a fake hand (optional). While they stand next to the bed, grab their legs! It will be funny watching them scream and try to break free, but don't blow the prank by laughing, or revealing yourself.
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    Perform a poop attack. Buy or make fake poop out of toilet roll or play-doh––the squishier, the better. Put it in your target's bedroom where they are likely to step on it.


  • It is important to hide in a good spot where they won't see you.
  • Make sure it's the right person!
  • Always make sure the person you prank won't get too mad after.
  • Don't forget to carefully read the instructions before doing anything.
  • Keep a straight face while you're pulling off the prank. If you start laughing your victim will know that something is up! Some tips for keeping a straight face are: curl your toes as tightly as possible, bite your tongue (not hard enough to draw blood), or bite the inside of your cheek.
  • If you want to do it to your parents, make sure they are in a good mood. If they are strict, don't do it at all.
  • Put brown playdoh on the floor and it will look like poop and be sure it is not actually poop.
  • If someone asked to borrow the sugar give salt instead.
  • When your dad or mom gets home, jump out at them or leave a note and watch them freak out.
  • A harmful prank can cause your victim to fight back.
  • Try not to do it at school. You might get detention! Especially if you go to a strict school.
  • Put a bucket of something on the top of a door and watch a person get covered in it.
  • If the prank gets messy, help the person you played the prank on clean up.
  • When doing to a teacher, principal, or co-worker, make sure that you are nice to them before and after pulling the prank, so that they do not expect it coming.
  • If your doing any of the food pranks try not to include any allergen ingredients.
  • When in doubt go with a pie in the face.
  • If you tell someone, make sure they can keep secrets or your prank will be ruined!


  • Do not play pranks on roads, it's dangerous and potentially life-threatening.
  • Try not to get into trouble with your teacher/parent.
  • Avoid pranks that hurt people. They aren't funny (especially to the victim) and they could cause problems for you!
  • Don't prank too often. Give your victims time to be lulled into a false sense of their own security.
  • Do not mess with the wrong person. If you think someone is in a bad mood and you prank them, there won't be a pretty outcome.
  • If there is someone who gets extremely mad at pranks, don't prank them.

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