How to Play a Good Practical Joke

Practical jokes are great to play and fun to watch, but sometimes they can lead to big trouble. Read this guide for some practical jokes you can play, and some tips on how to be successful at them.


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    Start with the classics. Ding dong ditching, forking, etc. This way you will be able to gain mastery over minor pranks, and also learn strategies to become better. This can also be a good opportunity to see if you are meant to be a prankster.
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    Once you have become good at the classics, make up your own. For example, hide a skeleton in someone's (possibly a teacher's) locker. Make sure it is poised so that the skeleton will fall onto the person when they open their locker. Even better, bury a skull outside the main doors to your school (make sure that people will see the dirt mound.)
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    Use technology technology. Many computers offer the password protection feature. Find one that isn't password protected and add a password. Make sure it is something no one will ever guess, and make sure no one knows it was you who did it.
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    Find someone (whether you know them or not) who has a lot of soda in their garage (make sure that your house is nearby.) Sneak it and shake every can of soda (this is a good prank to pull before a big party.) Be sure, if they are having a party, to watch people open their sodas, and enjoy your prank.
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    Try prank calls. Prank calls are gold mines for pranksters. When you do a prank call, make sure to hide your number and disguise your voice. Many computers offer a type-to-speech feature, so use that instead. Also, call early in the morning.
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    Find a drinking fountain in any location. They are often nearby bathrooms, if you are in a public place. Stand by the drinking fountain, feigning being interested in something else. Wait until the one you wish to prank arrives. When the victim does arrive, wait until he/she begins taking a drink. Quickly turn around and grab the victim's head and splash their face in the water. Repeat until patient has been pranked successfully.


  • If you are someone who general doesn't do anything to stand out, people won't suspect you.
  • Make sure you can get away from a prank quickly. You don't want to get caught.
  • If possible, watch the prank happen without giving away who did it.


  • If you get caught, you could get in big trouble.
  • Don't do anything that could hurt or seriously upset someone
  • Make sure your prank is legal and safe.
  • Don't prank someone if you aren't prepared to be pranked back!
  • You may get beat up.

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