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One-on-one football can be played in numerous ways. Due to the small team, you can only run or kick, rather than pass the ball. This article will describe a sample set of rules.

Sample Rules

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    Starting the game: The defender must shake your hand and go back ten even steps and hike it to you with a pitch. The player on offense must then run the ball.
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    Go for a conversion (or field goal when available).
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    Field goal rules:
    • Field goals may be punted, but the defender can pick up a missed punted field goal and score 4 points. This is called a reversion.
    • Reversions must be taken or in the end zone.
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    Punting Rules:
    • A defender must do his deal in step number 2 then the punter goes back 5 and punts it. It is not a penalty for punt steps it is for field position.
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    Help yourself with end zones and boundaries.
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    There are penalties:
    • A five yard penalty can be measured by 3 knees when no field is available. A ten is 6, and a 15 is 9.
    • "Bad deal penalties" are when the defender and the offender are not shaking (or saying good deal) or taking steps at no count. 2 yards (1.8 m) or 1 knee.
    • Ineligible hiker penalties occur when the hiker-defender throws a bad hike. Which doubles your possession by either opposite yards (can only be done in offender's territory) which is if your on your own 16. An ineligible hiker throws his hikes too rough, too high, too low or too far. Or throws a dead ball.
    • Half distance to goal is available and acceptable or add the yard line penalty. Like if you are on the 16 , you'll be on the 32. THESE PENALTIES ARE DEFENDER'S CHOICE. The offense can decline or accept it.


  • The above rules are just a sample set. Many variations exist.
  • You could play flag, tackle or touch.


  • Tackle is unsafe with no pads: play at your own risk.

Things You'll Need

  • An opponent
  • A football

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