How to Play "Never Have I Ever"

Two Parts:PreparationGame Play

Never Have I Ever is a popular drinking game, which is similar to I've Never game, except with alcohol. It reveals interesting facts about your friends that you may never have known about before, including things that don't normally come up in polite conversation. Never Have I Ever, like most drinking games, usually has somewhat of a sexual nature, which makes for the most deviant fun.

Part 1

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    Gather all the participants in the game. Typically, you'd need at least five people to join in, but there can be as many as you want, provided you have enough alcohol.
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    Set up the game. This means getting out the glasses and the alcohol and gathering chairs around a table. The table is preferably circular. You'll need to get at least an equivalent number of shot glasses for each player.
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    Decide who's going to be pouring the alcohol and refilling the empty glasses. This will keep the game flowing. One of the players can pour the drinks, but the drunker they get, the more difficulty they might find in doing so.
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    There is an option of having a sober person nearby. This isn't actually necessary, but it's recommended as a cautionary addition. This person can be a good friend who isn't really into drinking or simply isn't in the mood to play, and they can sit nearby just to make sure someone doesn't get dangerously drunk or accidentally hurt themselves. They can also be the designated driver, or be the one to call up a cab for the players to drive home in. In addition, this person can be the one to pour the alcohol also.
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    Have someone to keep track of how many shots each person has drank. This is best left in the hands of the sober friend, because this may be a factor into who wins the game.

Part 2
Game Play

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    Choose the beginner. This is when you choose who's going to go first.
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    Have that person to make his or her statement. The statement has to be something that person has never attempted or done before. For instance, "Never have I ever been to a brothel." Anyone who has been to a brothel has to drink a shot of glass.
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    If no one drinks a glass, meaning they've never done it, then the person who made the statement has to drink a glass themselves. This is meant to encourage strategy. If you don't think anyone's done it, don't say it.
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    Whoever is the most sober by the end of it wins. The game can go on as long as everyone's able and interested, but when it finally ends, there are two ways of determining the winner. The winner is either the one who drank the least shots, or the one who acts the most sober, though the former is more accurate.


  • There's always the chance you're the spiteful sort of person. If someone has wronged you in the past, you have the chance to wrong them now. If you know they've done something a little worthy of embarrassment, go ahead and say, "Never have I ever...." in that evil little tone.
  • Be careful not to embarrass yourself, because what you haven't done might be a little private. (Never have I ever had sex? For example....)
  • The list of things you can ask go on and on. There are a million questions you can ask, but make sure they're the good ones.
  • Say things that'll reveal juicy secrets. This includes:
    • Never have I ever had a threesome.
    • Never have I ever taken nude pictures of myself.
    • Never have I ever played [poker].
  • The questions don't always have to be about sex or of that nature. After all, Never Have I Ever can simply be a way to learn more about your friends:
    • Never have I ever been in handcuffs.
    • Never have I ever peed my pants in public.
    • Never have I ever smoked a cigar.
    • Never have I ever broken a law.
  • Remember, if you have both guy and girl friends, go ahead and say something gender-specific to make someone drink. For example: "Never have I ever worn mascara...." Won't it be a surprise if a boy takes a drink?
  • When you've done something, be honest. You're all drunk anyway, might as well have a laugh at each others past actions or embarrassing moments.
  • Drinking games are all about the interesting participants. Try to find as many crazy players as you can, because the more they've done, the more they will drink.


  • Don't drink and drive. Have a sober friend help out, or retain enough basic functions to call a cab yourself.
  • If you feel like you might puke, sleep on your side, not your back or stomach, in case you puke while you're in bed. It's really gross, and can be a choking hazard.
  • Obviously, because it's a drinking game, you are probably going to get very drunk. Be warned of hangovers in the morning, and take precautions for it.

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