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Planning a vacation means doing some research to understand what the holiday destination can offer. Dubai although a year round travel destination is a much better place to visit during the cooler months of the year. This allows holiday makers to venture out to experience the rich culture of the region and participate in a range of activities suitable for the whole family whatever the age. Planning a stay in Dubai well means that everything the city has to offer can be enjoyed to the utmost.


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    Time the stay. Obviously vacations are taken only when people are ready to take them. However, there is also a right time to take a vacation. Dubai while being a year round travel destination is most suitable to be visited at the beginning of the year and towards the end of the year when the weather is cooler.
    • This is also the time that the city looks its best and there are plenty of activities for the whole family. During the rest of the year it is too hot and humid to get about comfortably specially with children in tow and sometimes dust storms make life somewhat difficult. However something to consider would be that accommodation is at its cheapest during the hot months. Getting about by air conditioned taxis and frequenting only air conditioned spaces many offset the uncomfortable weather conditions.
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    Consider your budget. Where to stay in a city depends on affordability. While there is a huge choice of accommodation in excellent locations and varied all inclusive holiday travel packages it is important to consider the advantages before making a decision. Dubai has an excellent and cheap public transport system and taxis are plentiful and not too expensive.
    • Food is not expensive either and many types of cuisines and a range of eateries to suit all budgets tastes are always within reach. Affordable entertainment options abound as well. Therefore having the desired holiday experience is within the reach of all visitors.
      • However, it must be remembered that Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East.
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    Know what to do before you go. Experiences are why people visit other cities and countries. If prices are a consideration some of the best city experiences can be had on the free. The city's beautiful well maintained beaches are easily reached from many city locations. This is where the whole family can enjoy a relaxing and inexpensive day out.
    • Other free and informative family experiences include exploring the city's past by visiting Shindagha, Deira and Bur Dubai where old buildings, wind towers and old watercraft are on view. Here you can also catch local crafts people at work and live performances of traditional music.
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    Decide where to go shopping. Everyone who comes to Dubai goes shopping. This is definitely the biggest pre occupation of all visitors and maybe the reason why many people visit. The city's 70 swanky shopping centers offer an incredible combination of retail and entertainment experiences that keep pulling in the crowds. Traditional souks on either side of the Dubai creek, offer a different shopping experience including being expected to haggle over purchases. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the highlight of the shopping experience.
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    Know where to dine. Dubai has an amazing culinary scene that caters to every taste and budget. There are restaurants of every description and national cuisines from around the world so that eating out here is an adventure in itself. In addition to top quality cuisine many restaurants also offer stunning d├ęcor, amazing views and a great ambience.
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    Choose your adventure! Among the adventure experiences available in Dubai is the desert Safari that involves a trip into the desert just outside the city to enjoy an afternoon of dune bashing before adjourning to enjoy camel rides, some belly dancing and a traditional dinner under the start sitting on cushions. Drift over cityscapes, desertscapes, oases and camels in the wild.
    • Spend an exciting afternoon enjoying Dubai from the air in a hot air balloon. Take a trip by dhow, a traditional boat on the Dubai creek. Deep sea fishing expeditions and exploring Dubai's coastline on a chartered yacht are the other ways to have adventures.
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    Choose your entertainment. Dubai has entertainment options for the whole family. The Wild Wadi Water Park on Jumeirah Beach offers exciting rides for all ages. Modhesh World is billed as the ultimate destination for family entertainment. Children's city in Dubai Creek Park offers edutainment for children up to 15 years. Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates complete with real snow and ski lifts offers a wonderful experience to everyone who visits it. Wonderland & Splashland are other water parks.
    • See the world from 124 floors up, from the observation deck of the Burj khalifa. The panoramic views from the world's highest viewing platform are extraordinary.Dubai also offers a sophisticated after dark scene. There are many places to chill out and enjoy a drink and posh clubs that offer exotic entertainments. Night clubs in the city operate till the wee hours. From time to time top notch international performers add excitement to the city's entertainment scene by performing here


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