How to Plan Your Holiday Trip Abroad (Indians)

Notwithstanding the economic slowdown and currency fluctuations, travelling abroad seems to be high on the agenda of many Indians this year. A recent survey by travel website shows a 21 per cent rise in Indians planning to take a foreign trip this year, compared earlier.

So, if you are among one of these 21% Indians who are planning their next trip abroad, then here are some tips which can be kept in mind while planning for your dream holidays this summer.


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    Pick a destination. Picking a destination is immensely important as it gives you a definite goal. It´s becomes lot easier to concrete for the trip and also the planning will be easier when you know where you want to go. For this you can simply google up various locations around the world depending upon the type of destination you want to visit (for shopping, for family holiday, for adventure).
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    Think about how much money is needed for your desired trip. Don´t worry in case you don´t have enough funds in your bank account. You can either start an early saving for this trip or else you can go for a personal loan offered by various financial institutions. But do remember to compare the loans before applying for it.
    • Don´t forget to allocate the budgets for your trip. Like how much to spend for shopping, food, and sight-seeing. Also, allocate some funds for emergency situations which could arise during your trip like any medical emergency or for those extra shopping done by the family!
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    Have an idea about the local cuisine would be beneficial for you if you are a foodie. If you are a pure vegetarian who don´t even sit in a restaurant that serves non-veg then a proper research is a must for you if you don´t want to starve yourself!
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    Research on sight-seeing places and other activities. When it comes to recreational activities, global numbers indicate that majority of Indian travelers prefer outdoor activities. Almost 30 percent look at outdoor activities followed by cultural activities at nearly 25 percent, it said. Examining country-specific data, the survey revealed that outdoor activities emerge as number one in the 'top attractions' category in the US and Thailand. So, do make a list of all the sites that are to be visited and also all the activities you want to perform during the trip.
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    Stay connected! Most importantly don´t forget to buy an international SIM card for your phone. While buying the SIM card, do some research about the best offers that are available in the market. Also, update your smartphone with the local map of the place you will need it. If you're travelling to a country where English isn't widely spoken, download a translator app as well.


  • Keep an eye out for various promotional offers provided by the travel websites and credit card agencies, airline companies, and hotels that could reduce your cost.
  • Remember that exchange rates can change significantly in a short amount of time and this will impact how much spending money you will have.
  • Take care of all the essentials, such as making sure you have the right level of travel insurance, a valid passport and appropriate visas, and depending on your destination, you may need certain vaccinations or medicines, so have a chat to your doctor.
  • Various additional taxes that are charged by certain countries.

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