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A wedding outdoors can be absolutely perfect for the outdoors enthusiasts, nature lovers and garden lovers. It's important to plan well, however, because if the weather goes against you and you have 50 guests standing in the blustering wind and pelting rain, it won't be the romantic, fairytale occasion of your dreams but a nightmarish dash to any available shelter and wet, irritable guests! This article provides some ideas for you to consider when planning your outdoor wedding, to ensure that even if the weather isn't on your side, good planning is and the wedding will go ahead according to plan.


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    Choose the best outdoor wedding location to suit your needs and desires. The best locations have a no fail indoor options. Some examples include:
    • Wineries: a very romantic location and usually include a tent, gazebo, and indoor dining option for the reception.
    • Inns and retreats: in almost any area - provide stunning outdoor wedding areas as well as an indoor option.
    • Large city owned gardens: allow people to get married. Many of these offer a solarium, which makes a great indoor options.
    • Large tent: if you're on a budget and have a big yard, a tent will work fine. The supplier should provide air conditioning and heat in times of need.
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    Invest in the correct items to ensure a romantic outdoor wedding. The following items are must-haves to ensure the outdoor wedding goes ahead problem-free:
    • Heating lamps and/or heaters: ideal for your tent for autumn & spring weddings
    • A tent: key if you are doing it somewhere that doesn't have an indoor option
    • Bathroom provision: if washrooms aren't available on site, high end portaloos will do the trick. They are a lot nicer than you'd think! Better than many restaurant washrooms!
    • Generator or Proper power source: Lights, music, and the caterer will all need electricity. Typically, running residential electrical cords from the a house or building is not enough. Be sure that you have an adequate and quiet power source.
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    Use the right accessories to make your outdoor wedding charming. Accessories often make the wedding and are the items guests remember well. Ideas for accessories include:
    • Garden lights and patio lanterns for evenings
    • Flowers of the Season displayed in quaint teapots
    • Floating flowers and candles in pools or large basins
    • Wedding colored cameras for guests to take their own photos of the wedding
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    Prepare for any weather. There is more than the worry of the rain. There is also extreme heat and humidity, mosquitoes or black flies, and surprise cold spell in the early fall. Simplify with the right location in order to de-stress about the weather! Always have an indoor option! If you can't afford a tent with all the fixings (i.e., heat), opt out of your outdoor wedding.

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  • If your wedding location doesn't have indoor toilets, for instance homes or cottages that can't handle the flow, you must must get porta potties. Make sure these are in a convenient location, that won't require your guests to walk through area that are wet or mosquito infested. Always include paths to and from your porta-potties to the festivities area.
  • Always prepare for seasonal annoyances which may not necessarily be weather related. Things like mosquitoes can be combated with citronella candles. Damp grass can also create a mess with your dress as well as your guests so make sure you have proper pathways over the grass.

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