How to Plan an Early Morning Date

24 hours are simply not enough to do everything one wants. If you are committed to having your special date, there are always ways to get creative and spend some quality hours with this new subject of your interest. One excellent idea is arranging a date at the early morning hours. Such fresh approach not only saves time but also shows you are an intriguing and flexible early bird. And catching the "worm" takes nothing more than good planning and an extra dosage of coffee.


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    Before the date
    • Schedule day and time that will work for both of you.

      The fact that you schedule your date in the morning almost always suggests it is not your day off or the weekend. So, make sure that although it is a work day, no important presentations, meetings or tests are coming. You'd better not risk having your date and/or your business arrangement ruined.

    • Find the right coffee shop.

      One of the most difficult parts of this plan is finding the right place for your date. If it is a first or second date, you would probably prefer to have it over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find a quiet place at that time of the day. So you should look for a smaller bakery or coffee house in advance or if possible, make a breakfast reservation at your favorite place. Another approach would be to arrive earlier and pick coffee for both of you to drink in the park after the other party arrives.

    • Pick a smart outfit.

      Men are really lucky here. The business outfit only makes them look more attractive. Women, however, have to be more careful. It is perfectly normal to want to look stunning on your date, especially because the morning light is the most unflattering type there is. On the other hand, if it is a work day, you cannot wear your favorite short skirt and top or a cocktail dress. So you have to find a way to make your business outfit date-appropriate. Accessorise it with a stylish scarf, tastefully chosen jewelry and a matching bag. Do your hair using some styling product and put make up on (foundation, rouge and mascara should be enough) Do not overdo your appearance, no one expects you to look absolutely perfect before lunch.
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    The Date
    • Don't be late.

      Getting ready for a date is not a usual morning activity. However, make sure you arrive on time, especially if you were the one arranging the date at that time. It is stressful enough that you will have limited time and a work day ahead of yourselves. You can always read a paper or listen to some music if you are too early.

    • Be a sunshine.

      This is a date like any other so make sure it goes smoothly, at least from your part. Do not yawn, complain or talk too much about work. Instead make a joke (for example how at this rate soon people will have to arrange their dates while grocery shopping or car washing) and have fun. Being easy-going is always appreciated in the dating business.
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    After the date/at work
    • Don't talk about your date
      at the office...

      ...especially if that may get to your boss. They might take it as a sign that you literally put your romantic affairs before your work. And besides, it is your personal life after all. Keep it private so that you don't have to deal with mean office gossip.

    • Focus on your tasks.

      It's absolutely amazing if your date went great despite the unusual circumstances. But try to forget it at least until lunchtime otherwise you risk decreasing your productivity and looking absent-minded or unprepared. Turn off your personal phone so that you don't be tempted to text your best friend or, even worse - your sweetheart(:


  • A phone chat with a friend (if they are also up so early) while doing your hair/shaving will give you extra confidence and positive flow of emotions. Just keep an eye on the watch!(:
  • If you are not a morning person, have an extra cup of coffee before you take off.

  • After getting up, turn on the radio on your favorite station or put on some other upbeat music that awakens and inspires you.
  • Go to bed early (no later than 10 p.m.) the night before your date.


  • Also keep in mind that constantly organizing your dates in the morning will inevitably make your date feel an insignificant part of your life. A quick cup of coffee is not a sufficient time frame and the chances of developing such a relationship are roughly 0.
  • Although it may seem convenient, dating in the morning is tricky and requires a great deal of time management. You should be very organized in order to manage to have a successful date and do your work for the day.

    The cost of losing a couple of hours of sleep may seem low, but doing it often will soon have some negative effects. You may get cranky on your dates and less productive at work. Instead of combining your personal and professional lives, in the end you will have achieved the opposite effect - both your love life and your working performance will suffer.

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