How to Plan a Trip to the Library

Going to your local library can be a great way to spend an afternoon. This article will help you make a trip to the library a successful one.


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    Do some research. Find out what subjects intrigue you and might be worth reading about. Chances are, the library has a whole host of books on the topic. Check out if your favorite author has some other titles that you haven't read yet. Just know what might interest you before reaching the library itself, as the number of books shelved there can be overwhelming.
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    Eat beforehand. Most libraries have a strict no eating or drinking policy. Respect their wishes and grab lunch or a snack before you head over to the library. This is especially important if you plan on spending the whole afternoon there and plan on not eating for awhile.
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    Check the hours. Library operating hours vary drastically, from closing early to staying open late. Check your library's hours by going online or calling the city hotline.
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    Bring your library card. Your library card is a necessity for checking out materials. Librarians also reserve the right to ask for your library card at any time during your visit. Failure to show credentials may result in fines, suspension, or expulsion from the library. If you don't currently possess a library card, plan on signing up for one right when you reach the library.
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    Take back books. If you have checked out books with the library previously, bring them back during your visit when finished. This will help you avoid library fines, which can grow quickly in size if books stay overdue for a long time.


  • Have fun. The public library is a place of learning and wonder. Be curious, explore, and learn.
  • Find a library near you. A shorter drive ensures a safer trip.
  • Access an online library if available. Most libraries have an internet catalog that can be accessed from anywhere. Many libraries will require you to register a username.


  • Avoid obscene behaviors. Shouting and sexual activity will not be tolerated, and offenders may face expulsion by the library staff.
  • Try not to fall asleep if possible! The library is not a place of rest, and sleeping may offend the library's staff.

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