How to Plan a Trip to Disneyland

Have you been dying to go to Disney Land, But don't know what you need? Well read this article and you'll find out how to enjoy a long and fun day at the happiest place on earth!


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    Plan ahead! Planning a trip can be impatient, but worth it. Plan a couple weeks ahead and get all the info from, including the park hours and events that day.
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    Watch out for blackout dates. Have a yearly pass? If you do, make sure you check online to see if the day your planning on going isn't a blackout date, or you won't get in for free. You'll have to pay a smaller fee than the normal day ticket, but it will still cost you. Checking to see if it's a blackout date will avoid any confusion or problems at the ticket booth.
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    Consider getting a yearly pass. Getting a yearly pass is a good thing, but can also be frustrating and ruin plans. As you read above about the blackout dates, there are an amount of these on every yearly pass depending on the level. If you are on the lowest and cheapest level of the yearly pass, there will be numerous amounts of blackout dates to ruin your fun, the more you upgrade your pass, the less amount of blackout dates you have. (Upgrading a pass is costly.)
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    If visiting Disneyland is not a yearly activity for you, plan to spend multiple days at Disneyland and buy a "park hopper" ticket. Park hopper tickets enable you to visit both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) each day. Park hoppers issued for 3 days or more entitle you to Disney's Magic Morning experience which enables you to enter Disneyland Park one hour before the park opens. You will only have access to rides in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland; even still, this will give you access to the front of the lines of Adventureland rides because you are the first in the park.
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    When should I get there? Get to the park as soon as you can to avoid long lines and tough crowds on the weekends and hot days of the summer. will tell you the park hours of the day you wish to go.
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    Be prepared to have a lot of fun. To have the highest and best level of fun at Disney Land try putting your hands up on the rides! Every ride at Disney Land was built for you to enjoy the ride, with your hands up! Safe and fun! Don't be scared, If you try it, you'll love it! But look at the warnings for further info.
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    Be dressed appropriately. To have the best and most enjoyable level of comfort at Disney Land, You must be wise with your choices! Tight clothing and uncomfortable shoes will ruin your day. You won't want to be tugging at your shirt or fixing the straps on your shoes! You will want to focus on one aspect of Disney Land. Fun. Loose clothing and shoes with arch support will save the day!
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    Avoiding long lines. Yes, the lines are going to be long once the rush hour starts. But many newcomers are unaware of Disney's FastPass system. FastPasses are included with the purchase of your park ticket, which you will need to obtain your FastPasses throughout the day, so make sure you keep this ticket! Most attractions which are popular or have long lines have a "FastPass distribution area" near the ride's entrance or exit. Simply use your Disneyland entrance ticket at one of the kiosks to get your FastPass. Simply speaking, your ticket will display a timeframe (for example, 4:30 to 5:30) in which you can return to the ride and enjoy an expedited waiting process - a separate, shorter line.
    • Wait a second... how could this possibly work? Logistically, it sounds like a nightmare. The key is to understanding how it works. The Fastpass isn't a "line skipper", but instead, it's technical name is a "virtual queuing system". When you obtain a fastpass, the computer "puts you in line" virtually and gives you an estimated time to return (when you are close to "the front of the line"). This allows you to spend that time enjoying other attractions! Once you start using it, you will truly see what an ingenious system it is.
    • Can I use the fastpass before or after the times indicated? No. You can use this ticket only once within the hours printed. Each fastpass ticket can only be used once. It is your admit to the ride and will be collected as you approach the ride.
    • How many fastpasses can I have at a time? Generally, one per entrance ticket at a time. The time at which you can obtain a second Fastpass will be printed on your Fastpass ticket. However, Fastpass tickets are not tied to a specific person. For example, in a family of four with two children, the parents could get four fastpasses for a ride and allow each child to go twice!
    • I found a fast pass! If you find a fast pass on or near the fast pass dispensers, and no ones around. You are welcome to use them if they are in your time limit. I am not promoting stealing, but in a place of a million people, you will not find the owner(s). You can either take them and rush to the ride, or give them to someone else if you are much too guilty to take them.
    • I don't want to use fast passes! Actually, there is no reason to not! Fastpasses are free, and take just a few seconds to get. There is no penalty for not using a Fastpass, just the added benefit of a time in which you can return to the attraction of your choice and enjoy a shorter wait time.


  • Cups of ice are free at Disney Land so don't be afraid to ask if your dying of heat!
  • If you're going with friends, try to get several together to make sure everyone will have a ride partner.
  • Enjoy your day and don't let little things get you down!
  • The FastPass system now allows you to issue a second FastPass at the beginning of the time window, i.e. in the example provided, you can get a second FastPass starting 4:30, and not have to wait until 5:30.
  • Don't blow all your money, you might need it for food or maybe a ride back to wherever.
  • Single rider lines are evidently shorter than the normal lines to rides, usually. So if you wanna take a chance and ride Indiana Jones solo, then go for it!
  • Things in Disneyland are expensive, so if you are eating lunch, dinner, snacks, and planning to buy some souvenirs, then bring at least $50, if not more.
  • Yes, there will be rude people, and yes, they will get on your nerves. You just have to ignore them! After all, would you want your whole day at the happiest place on Earth to be ruined by one offhanded stranger?


  • When you are on a ride that goes fast, don't touch anything outside of the ride! This can break your hands or fingers and even more serious injuries. As well as rides that go slow, don't touch, just enjoy!
  • When you're on rides that instruct you to keep your legs and arms in the vehicle, it means keep your legs and arms in the vehicle!
  • There is always a chance of serious injury or even death on the rides at Disney Land, to avoid this, follow the instructions given to you as a passenger.
  • This is a warning for family days with young children at Disney Land. Keep your children seated and off your lap on the rides, if they try to stand up, they could get seriously injured. So be a responsible parent and keep your kids following the rules.
  • Do not fake being disabled! It will get you in loads of trouble.
  • You shouldn't go around accusing anyone of pretending to be disabled.

Things You'll Need

  • Sunscreen on hot days.
  • A small bag to store needed items.
  • Extra money for food, drinks, valuables and maybe even a locker for your goods.
  • People with delicate retinas (eyes) should always wear sunglasses to avoid becoming blind or semi-blind in older age.

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