How to Plan a Sophisticated Princess Party

Don't you just hate those stupid parties where everyone gets those plastic crowns with fake purple-and-pink heart stones? And the cups have some cheesy character on them, like Snow White or Cinderella. And that horrid part where they watch The Magic Of Pegasus, the Barbie Movie! For all of us, this kind of cheesy princess party is fun to go to when we were little, but now you want pure sophistication!


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    Play party planner.
    • Figure out the time, date, and location.
    • Plan the details! What colors do you want for the party? Do you want to inspire after Ofelia or The Princess Bride?
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    Invite your peeps.
    • Write the invitation out on a piece of scratch paper FIRST to avoid wasting invitations.
    • Once you've got it, write on a mauve invitations with pictures of a rose, lacy paper, or plain, matte, rose-colored paper. If you have a lot of time, use a special writing, like Copperplate or Black adder. If you want to do those fonts but don't have a lot of time, type the invitations.
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    Go Shopping.
    • Get a table cover for the party. Try lace or something antique-y. If you cannot find one in stores, ask grandma about her tablecloths, old and new. Ask her if you could borrow some cloth napkins, too. You might even want a napkin-folding lesson from her to make your party super-sophisticated!
    • Find some tableware for the party. Never use paper plates and basic disposable party cups for this kind of party. Look for it in stores and, again, it may be wise to consult your grandmother. Think sparkly, glossy, or shaped like delicate flowers. If all you can find is plain glasses for cups, make them fancy by tying a wide ruby-pink ribbon around the middle. Make sure all the forks, spoons, and knives match (e.g. Plain spoon with a butterfly fork is mismatched).
    • Before the party, go shopping for food. Order petite fours from the bakery, or make your own. (Just bake little cakes. For the frosting, get out four bowls--one for each color frosting--and put white frosting all of them. Put a few drops of red food coloring in the first one along with raspberry extract. Mix it up well. Repeat in a different bowl with a few drops of green, adding mint extract, and mixing until light green. Then do yellow with lemon for pale yellow. Finally do blue with blueberry extract, mixing again until pastel blue. Frost each cake and add a little candy rose atop each.) Salad, sparkling water, molded ice cream, cherries and strawberries are very sophisticated, too.
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    • Put the tablecloth on the table you plan to eat at. If the tablecloth is very valuable, have your guests eat on place mats.
    • Write out place cards. Place them in any order at the table.
    • Add lace, flowers, or anything you like to the "castle."
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    • Everyone likes a little something, so pick up a couple of inexpensive velour (or other softy fabric pouches) from a craft store or just use a bunch of inexpensive colored paper bags that you decorated with lace and pearls.
    • Fill it with mini bottles of perfume tucked in sheer mini organza pouches, a tiara that actually looks real (no Disney Sleeping Beauty or purple hearts!), inexpensive jewelry that looks totally real but isn't, and lipsticks that are not boasting Barbie, but rather Rimmel, Cover Girl, etc. You can also include vintage candy like butterscotch, lozenges, or peppermints.


  • Don't use hot pink for one of the party colors. It's really cheesy for a princess party. Don't use "mega purple" either. Instead, try pastels like lavender or pale pink for girly shades in the party.
  • If you absolutely can't buy crowns, use some smooth dark-colored head bands and decorate them with some soft colored glass beads.
  • To deliver invitations, press the bell, place the invitation on the mat, and go away. Or mail it, pasting a bright, obvious note to the mailman to deliver the invitation "royally." Also write on the note to tear the note off so your invitation doesn't get torn up in the delicate mail machine.
  • Well if there are kids, that kind of ruins the "sophistication part" of the party. You can send them to an untouched room in the house and tell them to be quiet or GET OUT! (Only 7 or under. Over is sophisticated enough.)

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