How to Plan a Sleepover at the Last Minute

Have you ever been caught trying to plan a sleepover at the last minute? Never fear! Your slumber party can still be awesome - just follow these simple steps!


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    Set a time and date. Ask your friends if they have anything planned for Saturday afternoon (or Friday night, or a day in the holidays, or whenever your sleepover is). If they do, consider adjusting your sleepover time to suit them - after all, there's no point hosting a sleepover with no guests! About four o'clock is a good time, since then your guests can come for tea.
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    Get some food. Food is incredibly important. Junk food works best, so make sure you have a good selection. You don't have time to go round specialist shops, so head down to your nearest supermarket to stock up. Take-outs work too!
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    Buy snacks. They are the thing that will make your sleepover work! Have crisps, strawberries, chocolate, marshmallows, etc., in the room your sleepover is being hosted in, and make sure all guests get some.
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    Plan on some games! You may not have time to plan a list of amazing jolly-hockey-sticks adventures, so go for the classics - Would You Rather, Truth or Dare, Paranoia...the type that don't need much planning, but always go down well.
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    Have a spa night! Get some facial recipes and makeup, and dress each other up.
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    Ask your guests to bring along a selection of CDs, DVDs and a sleeping bag.
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    Clean up before your guests arrive. If you don't have a big room, clear huge furniture into another room for the night (or at least push it back) so there will be enough room for your guests to sleep.
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    Have fun!


  • If you have any brothers and sisters, ask your parents nicely to control them for the evening - after all, you don't want your little sis gatecrashing, or your big bro walking in when you're all changing!
  • Check that none of your guests have food allergies - and if they do, ensure that particular food won't be around, or at least that there will be something else for them to snack on.
  • Get a friend to help you if possible, especially one who's thrown a sleepover in the past that you've enjoyed.
  • It's okay to invite guests who don't know each other! It can be easier to invite school friends, but what about that nice girl from your last school, or the girl down the street/from your youth club/etc? Invite her! Chances are, you'll all get on really well together.
  • Vital foods include pizza, chips, mini-sausages, chicken nuggets, salad stuff...etc! Of course, be sure to make room to accommodate anyone with dietary restrictions (such as: food allergies, vegetarian or vegan, lactose intolerance, etc).
  • Music is important! Don't worry if all your music is dodgy or embarrassing - in fact, novelty tracks can go down really well at parties. Break out the Birdie Song!
  • Themes work, but don't get all hyped up thinking you HAVE to have a theme. You might want to merge a few themes together - e.g. a movie night, with spa treatments going on as well!
  • Wear amazing pajamas!
  • It can help to draw up a "plan of events", but it's not completely necessary.
  • Just have fun and do not be mean! Girls who are fighting with each other should be stopped, so change the topic between them.


  • Don't make your guests do anything they don't want to because it will make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure everyone promises not to share other girls secrets outside the party.
  • DO NOT invite two guests who utterly don't get on with each other, or are fighting. Your party WON'T bring them closer together - it will just make for unnecessary tension!
  • If a guests wants to leave early, don't make a big thing out of it. Don't feel offended either - it could be that she's just homesick, or worried.
  • Sharing secrets at a sleepover is fab. Gossiping and being mean at a sleepover is NOT!
  • Don't hog your bed all for yourself! Draw straws instead, or pull names out of a hat.

Things You'll Need

  • A good selection of food and snacks
  • CDs, DVDs, and other entertainment
  • Sleeping bags
  • Games
  • Invitations (optional)

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