How to Plan a Romantic Fall Date

if you are a guy in need of a fall dating how to, then this article is for you! coming up with the perfect fall date can be a challenge, but with these steps and simple ideas, you will find a girl blissfully willing to go on another date with you.


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    Go on a picnic. Girls love when guys not only take the time to plan out a date, but we love it more when they show us that they know how to cook. Impress us by finding a stop in a field, a park, or near the woods, where we can have a romantic picnic, eating the food you prepared.
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    Take a walk in the woods. Not all dates have to include spending money. Taking a girl on a simple walk through the woods can be a lot of fun. It gives the two of you a chance to really get to know one another. Make sure to listen to what she says and respond. Girls appreciate it when you genuinely care about what they are saying and they can tell when you are faking it. Bottom line: be real and she will have the time of her life!
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    Go to an apple orchard. A fun date idea for the fall would be to go to an apple orchard to pick apples, go on hay rides, and taste cider. This can allow the two of you to enjoy the outdoors while tasting all the various kinds of apples available.
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    Have some Halloween fun. Another final date idea would be to carve pumpkins, cook the seeds, find materials to make interesting and unique costumes for the two of you, and pass out candy to the kids who are trick or treating. this can be a fun time for the two of you to be creative, laugh, and give to the kids who are collecting candy. girls love to see a man who has a generous heart and can handle being around kids.


  • When planning a picnic, go through the basket and make sure you packed everything you need. It can be embarrassing to forget utensils at home and have to go back for them.

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