How to Plan a Reunion Party

If you are planning to throw a family reunion party, then be prepared for loads of commitment, planning and time. Family reunions can be as small as 3 to 4 people or as big as to 50 to 100 people. It all depends on the size of your family. Whatever the case may be. Here are some nice tips to be kept in mind while planning your reunion celebration:


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    Decide upon the budget. The first and foremost thing to decide is the budget. Before getting started decide how much you want to put into the celebration. According to this budget, you can see how many members you want to invite. Location you will be selecting...etc. If you want, you can ask your guests to pool in some amount. Of course, only if you are comfortable doing that.
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    Do or hire some successful coordinating people. How about Uncle Sam, who is everyone's 'favorite' and loves to manage things. Asking him to become a coordinator and spare some time for the management of the reunion celebration should not be a bad idea. It is better idea to designate 2 people, so that all the blame does not get on his shoulders. You can hope this blaming situation never arises. And what are these coordinators supposed to do. They will be coordinating with all the members and will be fixing the date and time. They will be also handing other small things, like deciding upon the menu...etc.
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    Pick the location. This is a very important thing and here the budget needs to be kept in mind. For a family reunion a perfect place would be a famous theme park or may be at the old family homestead. Whatever it may be, see to it that it is convenient for everybody.
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    Choose some games and activities. This is the success mantra. No one would like to attend a dull party where elders are just chit chatting because they have nothing else to do and kids are playing some game to pass their time. Some activities are a must. Signing family T-shirts is an all time favorite. For this, you will need some white T-shirts and markers. Mark each T-shirt with reunion year and then ask everyone to sign each other's T-shirts, Everyone will love it and take it home as a favor.
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    Keep the kids busy by making bookmarks. Gift each of the family members with these handmade bookmarks. For this you will need ribbons, cardboard, colored pens and some glitters, etc.
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    Keep all the family members happy. Greet them well by making sure they receive the best of delicacies and food is served promptly. The accommodations should be comfortable. Take plenty of photos and make your family reunion memorable. Create a scrapbook. Shoot a video. Share old albums.

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