How to Plan a Perfect Video Game Sleepover

Ever want to make a perfect video game sleepover with your friends? This guide will teach you how to plan the perfect sleepover!


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    Set a date for the sleepover. Figure out where it will be and who will be able to come.
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    Prepare. A sleepover usually turns into an all-nighter! Find out who will bring what. Remember to get food, drinks, and video games!
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    Set up. If the "sleepover" is in your room, clean your room and set out the sleeping bags and the video game systems. Make sure you stack the video games into a pile so you can see the title of them.
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    Crack out the food. Make it look like a buffet! Everyone should have a plate and a cup. Basically, it should look like you're having dinner. This way, things are convenient and awesome.
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    Release the lions! Bring your friends over and start partying! Just don't wake up your parents. Be sure to have some caffeine! Whether it's soda or coffee, you need to stay awake.


  • Rent a good multiplayer game (like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Little Big Planet, Guitar Hero).
  • Eating contests are one of the ways to keep the night (and early morning) going.
  • If you're doing an everybody party (younger sisters or friends) it's a good idea to something they like as well.
  • It is always a custom to have the lights turned off when you play the video games. Turn on the lights later and watch them twitch! Be sure to cover your eyes though, it might sting a little. This is always a fun prank.
  • If you're playing a computer, take 30-minute turns for each person. You will be surprised how fun it is to watch other people play. Maybe try to get an emulator to play classic games.
  • If you're playing with a Xbox, play a four-player game.
  • It's a good idea to play Minecraft or World of Warcraft. Those games are fun, just make sure that everyone gets a chance to play.
  • If you're playing with a PlayStation 3, play a good two player game or take 10 minute turns on a one player game. You could even play on LAN or PSN if multiple systems are available. If there isn't another available, play one with multiplayer modes, preferably enough for most people to be actively involved.


  • It's the middle of the night; lots of food will be needed!
  • If you've got a Nintendo DS, make sure your friends don't lose the games and such. This goes for everything else as well.
  • Don't mess about too loudly. The adults might be sleeping!
  • Don't use the games for too long. Playing for an extended amount of time might damage your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • video games
  • you and your friends
  • soft things to sit on (game chairs, couch, etc.)

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