How to Plan a Party (for Kids)

Parents, read this if your child had a birthday coming up. These plans are intended for kids 7 to 10.


  • Candy (Nerds, Lollipops, Airheads, Chocolate, ect)
  • Pizza (Pepperoni, Cheese, Meat Lovers, Veggie)
  • Sandwiches (Turkey, Ham & Cheese, Bologna sandwiches)
  • A Veggie Platter
  • A Fruit Platter
  • Juice Boxes/Pouches (Capri Sun/HI-C Punch)
  • Soda (Liters) (Sprite, Fanta, Coke, Pepsi)
  • Chips (Lays, Doritos, Tostitos)
  • Salsa
  • Brownies, Cookies, CAKE, Cupcakes
  • Water
  • Hamburgers/Hot Dogs


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    Send invitations a few days before. Include RSVP, what time it starts and ends, address, number, and other things
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    After everyone called (RSVP), decorate the house with banners and balloons. Blow the balloons yourself! (NO HELIUM BALLOONS) Set the table, lay out the snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and other things, clean the house a bit, and wait till everyone arrives
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    When everyone arrived, learn they're names tell what games they can play, set some rules, when they can eat, where not to go, where you can go, and where the bathrooms are (This is the perfect time to order pizza and turn on the music)
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    When it's time to eat, call everyone. Let them choose where they can sit.
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    After they eat, let everyone use the restroom.
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    Now for the presents, call everyone again and tell them that they can give the presents
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    After that, let them play games and eat a bit more if they want.
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    When the party is done and everyone leaves clean the house and have some help.
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    Eat any leftover food :P


  • Order the pizza if you like, you don't have to bake it
  • Make some of your own food!
  • The music needs to be appropriate or it can be censored
  • Most food above can be found in your local store in big platters. If you need help, ask one the employees. If you can't find it, buy the ingredients
  • Have some other adults, get at least 2 or 3 others to help you


  • If a child gets hurt (fall, bumping heads, getting hit) get an ice pack and something to drink
  • remember that you must not leave anything behind cause they will eat them before the party
  • If you get games like Twister or DDR, watch the kids play. Someone might trip and get hurt
  • Don't get helium balloons, just blow the balloons yourself or with someone

Things You'll Need

  • Fun Games (Monopoly, Twister, Dance Dance Revolution, etc)
  • Music (Ask the kids what music/songs they want)
  • Goodie Bags (Fill with candy, small games/toys, etc)
  • Decorations (Banners, Balloons, etc)
  • Invitations

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