How to Plan a One Direction Party

Everyone has heard about the famous five, the best boy band on the planet and the most inspirational people on the planet! All of the Directioners want to meet these boys and have a great time. The closest thing to this is hugging a full size figure of one of them, but after doing that, there's one more possibility; that is a One Direction party!


  • The recent picture is a 1D Sugar Cookie, which you can make at home or order them off Nicole Lee Confections (
  • The 1D cake pops are fun and intractable food, where you can sing 1d songs with them or just eat them down, a beautiful creation made by Got What it Cakes (
  • A normal store brought sponge cake, decorated with white icing, with download and printable cake toppers to create a 1D themed Cake
  • Filled glass apothecary jars with red, white and dark blue candy and added a printable 2″ party logo with ribbon around the neck of each jar.
  • These beautiful cinema collection can be made by ordering popcorn and coke and covering with printable pop coverings and added a paper straw along with a printable party flag from the free printable collection.
  • Packs of Red Gum were purchased from pound world, wrapped with our printable gum wrapper, great for midnight snacks!
  • In each Movie Snack Tray, you should include a cellophane bag filled with Hershey Kisses in red and silver you can also staple with the printable “Kiss You” Bag topper printable. (All available to download and print for free!)
  • In the centrepiece, you should include fun 1D sunglasses as well as chocolate bars that were wrapped with printable chocolate bar wrappers, Ipod Touch cookies and packs of gum that were decorated with our printable gum wrapper.


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    Plan your party in advance, making sure everyone has a chance to get back to you if they are allowed to go or not.
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    Prepare beautiful invitations for the party (remember that it's 1D themed).
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    Decide if you want to have a 1D movie night. If you do, buy the movie and keep your room tidy or lounge; you don't want to make a bad oppression.
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    Prepare loads of posters and fun activities for your friends, such as:
    • 1D Truth or Dare
    • 1D Spin the Bottle
    • 1D karaoke
    • 1D Trivia Game
    • 1D Quiz
    • 1D Dance Party
    • 1D Scrapbook
    • 1D YouTube videos
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    Make great snacks and pick some cool movies.
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    Try to make sure that you have the house to yourself. If you have guests in the house, such as old friends, they might disturb the fun that everyone else is having - you don't want that. Be sure that your house is clean, though - no one wants to come to a messy house.
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    Have a good time!

Things You'll Need

  • Use binder clips to attach the printable photos of the guys onto cotton twine on the mantle.
  • Print the iron on design (Free printable!) onto opaque transfer sheets. We then ironed them onto Nashville Wraps cotton drawstring bags. Print off the favour hang tags from free printable collection to tie onto the bags.
    • Include water bottles with the printable drink wrap, mini red hot boxes wrapped with printable wrapper, and chap stick with printable wrap. Packs of gum with our wrappers were also included as well as the 1D. This is a US t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses.

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