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    Invite people who get along well, and won't cause drama. If you don't want to choose between two friends, tell them, "I want you to come, but if you can't get along with so-and-so, don't come. Send out invitations early enough they have time to prepare but late enough they don't forget and make other plans. Always make sure to put a date, time, location, and RSVP on your invites.
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    Set a day to go shopping for your party. Include everything you'll need; food, décor, movies, favors and everything else. Make sure to keep the stuff in the shopping bags, in a safe place until the day of the party.
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    Make a menu of things people usually buy at a theatre. Hotdogs, popcorn, soda, water, candy, and cupcakes are things to put on the menu. Of course, make everything free. Another fun idea is to make a sundae or popcorn bar. Put your ice cream or popcorn in front with bowls or popcorn bucket things that they sell at dollar store. Down the table include, candies, seasonings, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, or anything else you would like.
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    décor- Movie Reels, Hollywood, and stars are usually popular themes. Try a local party store or dollar tree.
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    Buy or rent a few different movies of different themes, a comedy, a thriller, and an action are nice and diverse. Make sure everyone likes the movies you're watching, and remember don't waste your time watching a movie you don't like; Turn it off and plug another one in.
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    Define the details- Are your guests staying for dinner or coming after? Spending the night or going home? Do your guests like dogs? Should you let your dog out or put her or him out back or in the crate?
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    When your guests arrive- If your friends are spending the night or happen to have brought pajamas, let them get comfortable. Let them get in their pajamas and settled in. Next, let them get their popcorn and soda, and get comfortable. Hand out favors as people are heading out to leave and tell the how much fun you have had!

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