How to Plan a Graduation Bonfire

Are you planning a graduation and would like a nice bonfire? Good planning will ensure that the bonfire is safe, well catered and of interest to many graduates.


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    Select a suitable place to hold the bonfire event. Bonfires are generally outside in someone's backyard but you could also have one by a beach, riverside or other location where local regulations permit both the bonfire and a public gathering. Once you've decided where it's okay to hold it, you can decide on the date.
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    Pass out invitations to the bonfire. You can choose to only invite your graduation friends or everyone graduating the same year as you to the bonfire.
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    Decorate on the day of the event. Decorate the place the bonfire will be at. To decorate you can hang up banners that say different things, hang up your school colors, or simply hang up fancy lights.
    • Keep any flammable decorations well away from the bonfire area.
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    Prepare the bonfire. Build the area where the bonfire is going to be, following all necessary safety rules. For instructions on doing this effectively, read How to make a bonfire pit and How to have a bonfire.
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    Prepare some food, snacks, and drinks for your guests. Some food/snack/drink ideas are: chips, bean dip, guacamole, baked potatoes, chicken wings, pizza, rice & beans, fruits, cookies, lemonade, orange juice, ice tea, popsicles, lettuce salad with dressing, crêpes, chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites, etc.
    • Make sure your bonfire has some S'mores. A bonfire is not a bonfire without S'mores.
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    Have some loud music or a DJ. You should also consider coming up with some games just in case the bonfire gets boring. You won't need games if you can keep people talking, dancing and enjoying themselves.
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    Be a good host. At the end, make sure all your guests have a safe ride home.


  • It is very good if you have a pool. People love to swim and will even have more fun if there is a pool to swim in.
  • Here is a shorter overview of the steps: First people, invite. Next, gather all the things you need for the bonfire. Third, decorate the place the bonfire is being held and make the bonfire pit and prepare the materials for the bonfire. Fourth, set up everything and the stations and light the bonfire. Stations include the music, food, and games. Lastly, have a blast.

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