How to Plan a Girly Party (for Teens)

Planning a girly party can be a bit difficult at times. What music? What food? What activities and who should be involved? If you're confused, and all you want is a good girls party, then this is the article for you!


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    Don't go at it alone! Enlist some friends, family, neighbors or anyone else that can help. Get one or two people and get them to help you plan it. That way, you have everyone's opinion, and they could tell you something you didn't think of. Think like a teen.
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    Make a list. It may sound a little like you are a professional party planner, but it really does help! If you have things like guests and things needed all on a page where you can see it, it makes it much easier.
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    Play pretend. Pretend that you are a professional (see above) party planner. Write down the budget, what things you need, etc. Put as much effort into it as you can, because it will all pay off in the end.
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    Talk to your parents. Okay, sometimes your parents can be incredibly annoying. But they can help you a lot!
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    Research. Now that you know what you're allowed and what's out of the question, look up stuff like themes, cool places, teen games, etc. If you are really bored, you can make invites ahead of time, but just make sure to leave time to have fun so you're not stressed.
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    Pick a theme. If you can't think of one, or don't like the idea of 'Hawaiian paradise' or 'pretty in pink', then pick 2 or 3 of your favorite colors and make that the theme. You could also pick a place to base it upon - Italy, Spain, England, France, etc. Have food from that place, get pictures, music, and more. Don't pick something that is aimed towards only a few friends. If you know a few of your friends hate make-overs and doing nails, stay clear of a spa party. Most of all, be creative. People will get more excited if the theme is something new that they haven't been to before.
    • Can't pick just one? Than have an international party! Get your guests to bring something from their own heritage or let them choose whichever one they like. You can have games and name the teams stuff like: The Paris People, The English Muffins, The French Fries, The Italian Ice Cubes... Whatever you like!
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    Pick a place. You can have your party at a hotel, the local community center, your backyard, or even your basement. To have a party at a hotel would be cost a bit of money, but a lot of the time they will love the idea of tons of people coming and seeing what a great hotel it is.
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    Plan some activities. If you want to kill a bunch of birds with one stone, as they say, try some activities out with neighbors and siblings. Make sure they are appropriate, though. That way, the people who look up to you will get to spend some time with you, parents will be grateful, and you get some game testers for free! Same thing for food, make small portions to try to then you can serve them to little kids, your neighbors, or your parents.
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    Plan ahead. If you are having it in a location that you can't get to beforehand like a hotel, take some pictures of the hotel room from the net and blow them up to a big size. Post them up on a board and plan where things will go, where you will put decorations, etc. It will help with the last-minute rush. If you are having the party at your house, do the same thing. Most people in your family won't appreciate their things being moved around a week beforehand.
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    Bond with people. Is your mom's best friend an amazing hairstylist? Is your dad a great cook? Is your cousin the best makeup artist in the world? Talk to these people about their talents. Ask your mom's best friend to do your guests' hair. Keep in mind that they might want to get a paid a small sum or that they might not be interested. If that's the case, than don't worry about it. You can always order food, do each other's hair and make-up, and much more.
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    Go shopping! Get one good friend or even your mom. Get the decorations, invites, food, and everything else you need while you're out. You can go to places like the dollar store for great deals on decorations and even get some fun party favors.
    • Have a scavenger hunt in the mall. Make people take pictures of craziest outfit, hottest boy they encounter, highest heels, etc.
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    Make sure you know everyone will like what you are doing.


  • If you, a friend/relative has an iPod or a dock for it, borrow them. That way, people can go and change the song if the want, like an open DJ. Plus, you and your parents can set the maximum volume limit.
  • Plan everything to the theme. If you have a few things set off, it's okay. But the party will be more memorable if you stick with your theme!
  • Don't get mad if things don't go as planned, just work it out.
  • Try to keep your parents away from the festivities. Some guests might find it a little awkward if they are hanging around you and your parents
  • Your parents are the ones giving you the party. Show some appreciation by doing something for them once in a while.Try to be happy with the budget your parents give you because its better to do more than less with it.
  • Try fun games like toilet paper dress up or toilet paper the room, they're fun and messy but easy to clean up afterwards. keep some toilet paper nearby at all times so you can bombard everyone with it, teens love that sort of thing.


  • Don't schedule anything without your parents' consent.
  • Never do things at the last minute or you could get stressed out and ruin your own party.
  • Try not to invite people who you're not on the best terms with.

Things You'll Need

  • Soaps, Nail files, Hair clips, Jewelry. These things make great party favors to give to guests!
  • Decorations. Get some that fall into your theme and scheme. Most of the time places the like the dollar store have great deals!
  • An outfit, or maybe a shirt. If you want to stand out at your party, get a great outfit. Of course, you are the birthday person, so you will be the center of attention.
  • You can get kits for organized games like Murder Mystery or Clue.
  • Anything else you may need or want

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