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Three Methods:Determining timing for the slumber partyPreparing invitationsPlanning decorations, food and activities

Slumber parties are a ton of fun. It's a great way to have fun and hang out with friends. Whether you're a parent planning the party for your daughter or you're a girl planning the party with your parent's permission, you'll find some good ideas here to ensure that the party runs smoothly.

Method 1
Determining timing for the slumber party

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    Decide when it's best to hold the slumber party. There are several important considerations here:
    • Do you want to hold it during school term or during the vacation time? During school term limits the options to weekend nights, while during school vacation, some of the friends might be away.
    • Are there any big events on that might stop guests from coming? For example, big sports meet-ups, local drama plays being staged, try-outs for teams, etc.
    • Are there known issues about some friends being tied up doing something on any particular dates? Especially if they're BFFs, don't plan the party if they're not going to be able to make it.
    • Is it near or around exam time? If so, do not hold the party as it will distract the girls and many of them probably won't be allowed to come anyway.
    • Is the weather going to be appropriate for the sleepover? Although the girls sleep indoors, this could impact outdoor activities or outings to things.
    • If you're a parent planning the party, ask your daughter if she knows of anything that might prevent guests from being available on a specific date. If not, and you've considered the above possibilities, you're good to go.
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    Consider what time you'd like the girls to come to the sleepover. A late afternoon start is fairly standard, such as around 4pm, 5pm, etc. This allows time for the girls to settle in or for you take them somewhere, such as to see a movie, to go bowling or to have a pizza meal out. Obviously, the time will depend on whether or not you've planned an external activity.
    • Be sure to seek the permission of parents if taking the girls out of your home. They may prefer to help with transportation arrangements.
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    Consider how long you would like the girls to stay the following morning. It's nice to let the parents have a little sleep in or take their time to come and collect their daughter the next morning and the girls usually love staying in one another's company a little longer. A 10am, 11am or noon pick-up time usually works best. It does mean that you have to include breakfast.

Method 2
Preparing invitations

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    If you are using invitations, mail them one to two weeks prior to the party. The invitation must include the following information:
    • The address/where the party is
    • Day of the party and time it begins
    • Drop off and pick up times (see above)
    • What to bring (pillow, blanket, costume, makeover goodies, DVD, etc.)
    • RSVP (how your guests contact you to say if they can come or not). That includes your email address and phone number.
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    Consider using email to send out the slumber party request. It's fast, it's easy to track and most people are not the slightest bit surprised to receive invitations via emails. Just be sure to offer the option of calling you as well as emailing back, as some parents will still prefer to talk to the household parent or guardian in person.

Method 3
Planning decorations, food and activities

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    Before the slumber party, tie balloons on your mailbox or near your front porch. If you want to be more creative, you could write the girls' names on the balloons.
    • Other decorations could include streamers, a lovely table setting for the dinner or buffet, etc. However, think about if you want a theme or not and consider what mood you are going for.
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    Decide on what you are serving at the party. Have plenty of snacks, as well as dinner. You could also have dessert, if you want. You'll also need to include breakfast foods for the following morning.
    • Good slumber party foods include: Pizzas, hamburgers, pasta, fries, takeout, etc.
    • You could go for more exiting foods as well such as: coke floats, pop tarts and other things that will be fun!
    • For dessert: Cheesecake, ice cream, chocolate anything, fruit pie, etc.
    • Snacks might include: Dips and chips, candies, fondues (cheese or chocolate), brownies, cupcakes, etc.
    • Drinks might include: Sparkling water, sodas in different flavors, juice, plain water and hot chocolates.
    • Keep in mind the possibility that some of the girls might have food allergies or foods they don't like. Ask them the menu to make it clear when they RSVP that they have any such issues.
    • Suggest some of your guests bring snacks too! ( you could have a midnight feast,)
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    Plan activities. There are lots of possibilities for activities but it's a good idea to plan them ahead and not leave anything to chance. Choose activities that are fun and easy. but don't make the sleepover too planned. it would be boring if you and your friends/the girls have no time to do what they want to do.
    • For younger girls, a slumber party should be more structured, becoming more independent with older girls.
    • Board games,movies, scavenger hunts, crafts, makeovers, group video games etc. are great choices.
    • Visiting somewhere can be an option if you can arrange transportation. For example, going to the movies, ice-skating, ten-pin bowling, go-kart racing, eating out, etc.
    • Be sure to leave plenty of room for spur-of-the-moment activities and chatting.
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    While you wait for the guests to arrive, clear a spot for everyone's sleeping bags and suitcases. A living room, family room, den or a spot with lots of room and a TV are ideal places.
    • Be sure to accommodate the needs of every other household member. Let everyone know which rooms are off limits, both ways; the guests should know where not to go to avoid bothering siblings or parents and the family members should keep out of the way of the guests.
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    Have fun at the slumber party! If you're the girl of honor, enjoy yourself. If you're a parent, give them some space so they can have a nice time.
    • Parents usually like to retreat to another part of the house to get some quiet space. Just make that the girls know where you are if the need you.
    • Other siblings can sometimes become annoying if the birthday girl wants some time alone with her friends. Be sure that there is enough space for the birthday girl to have time alone with her friends.


  • Scary movies can be fun for older girls. Ensure that there are flashlights within easy reach though!
  • Check beforehand to see if the parents are okay with the age ratings of films you want to watch. You do not want to end up getting in trouble for watching a movie that you are not allowed.
  • Don't force anyone to watch a scary movie if it is too frightening; this will ruin the fun.
  • Have a selection of films to watch; this way, there will be lots of choice.


  • If you're the party girl, be sure to respect your parent's wishes. If they can see you're responsible, they will be happy to let you have another sleepover.
  • Don't ask too many people to your sleepover. It will spoil the intimacy and can be too difficult to keep under control.
  • Collect phone numbers and emergency contact details from parents beforehand, just in case there is an emergency.

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