How to Plan a Date for a Sports Fan

Planning a date is hard enough but planning a date for a sports fan, especially if you're not quite as excited about your significant other's favorite team, can be tricky. These suggestions should help give you some ideas.


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    Figure out what sport and team your significant other likes best. If your boyfriend is really into baseball, planning a date based around football might not be your best bet. If your girlfriend loves Arsenal, stay away from Manchester United for your date. Chances are you've heard way too much already about the particular sport or team your sports fan supports, but if you need help figuring this out, look for posters or other telltale signs in their bedroom, or ask their friends for tips.
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    Find out how seriously they take their sport. If your boyfriend attends every single one of his favorite team's home games, planning to watch the game on TV with him might come as a disappointment, rather than the perfect date you want it to be. If he usually watches the game with a friend, invite that friend over to make it a double date. Make sure that whatever you plan won't keep your sports fan from enjoying the sport in whatever way he likes best.
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    Go to a sports bar. For a more exciting way to watch the game, try taking your date to a sports bar on the night that their team plays. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with them, watch the game, and enjoy the company of other fans. Plus, drinks and food are usually involved, so you'll have something to do even if you're not as invested in the game as your date is.
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    Go to a game. Buy your date tickets to see their favorite team's next home game, or get tickets for a playoff game or a match against a rival team. Any sports fan loves seeing their team play live, and your date will definitely appreciate that you're taking an interest in the team, too.
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    Practice their favorite sport with them. If your boyfriend is a huge basketball fan, take him to the court and shoot some hoops. Even if you're less experienced playing basketball, he'll appreciate the chance to teach you and to introduce you to his favorite sport. If your date loves baseball, play catch or go to a hitting cage. If you can find a way to enjoy your significant other's favorite sport, that will make for a perfect date for both of you.
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    Take your date to try out other sports. Your date may be really into football and basketball, but has he ever tried ice skating or horseback riding? Go hiking, mini golfing, or surfing. Introduce him to a sport he's never tried before. He'll love that you're trying out a new sport with him, and if you pick something new and exciting, he'll be sure to enjoy the adventure.


  • Remember to have fun. Try to pick an activity that you will both enjoy.

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