How to Pick Up Broken Glass Splinters

Whilst it can be easy to spot the large shards of broken glass, picking up the splinters is another story and nobody wants to risk accidentally picking up glass splinters in hands, feet and on the knees of crawling babies and pets. This article provides several successful methods for picking up the tiny splinters and sparing your fingers.


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    Try the cotton wool method. Wet a piece of cotton wool. Dab this over the area where the glass splinters are; the damp cotton wool will pick up the glass splinters.
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    Try the soap method. Cut off a piece of soap or use an old piece of soap. Wet it and dab it over the glass splinters. It will pick them up. Be careful not to touch the end picking up the splinters.
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    Try the wet paper method. Wet a piece of newspaper or butcher's paper. Dab one side over the splinters and collect them. The advantage to this method is that you can clean up a wider area of splinters quicker.
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    Discard properly. In each of these methods, it is very important to discard of the item used to collect the glass splinters in a manner that will ensure the splinters don't escape. Put the cotton wool/soap/paper into a thick plastic bag, seal and then place in the garbage for disposal.


  • Always take extra care when cleaning up broken glass. Sweep up the large shards and wash the end of the broom over a laundry or outside basin, not in food preparation sinks. Do not kneel in areas of broken glass and keep children and pets away until the area is certified clean. Ask a second pair of eyes to look over the area after cleaning to make sure that you haven't missed any pieces. Sometimes you may need to shift furniture or other objects to make sure you have found all pieces of glass. The splinters are usually closer to the source of breakage and should be easy to locate.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton wool (absorbent cotton)
  • Soap
  • Paper (newspaper or butcher's paper)
  • Strong plastic bag for disposal
  • Broom for sweeping large pieces
  • Bucket to hold the bag of shards

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