How to Pick the Right Mice

Are you having trouble finding healthy and happy mice? Then you've come to the right place! A few simple steps will help you find the right mouse, or mice, for you!


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    Look at the mice. Do they look healthy? Are they happily playing? Don't pick a mouse that looks sick or weak. You want to get a healthy, happy, and strong mouse.
    • A healthy mouse should have a clean, well groomed coat and bright, healthy eyes.
    • A healthy mouse should be moving freely and be inquisitive.
    • An unhealthy mouse may have a poor coat condition, dull eyes and its posture may be hunched up.
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    Smell the cage. Is the smell overwhelming? Or is it just a little stink? A strong-smelling cage could mean they are living in unsanitary conditions. A dirty cage means a dirty mouse, possibly even a sick one.
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    Ask questions. Ask your breeder or rescue about the mice. Where did they come from, have they ever been sick, are the genders separated, are they handled often, etc.
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    Decide if you like the mice. If you don't like the mice there you can always go to another breeder or rescue. Do not go to a pet shop unless you have exhausted other options, as they are less likely to be healthy, good tempered, or long-lived, and you may even come away with a pregnant mouse. Breeders and rescues also offer backup and advice for your mice and should always be prepared to take your mice back if for any reason you are no longer able to keep them.
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    Bring your mice home. When you find the mice you want, buy or adopt them. But be careful. Don't shake your carrier. You could injure the mice.


  • Make sure you have a vet with knowledge of rodents to call upon if you need it.
  • Ask questions on pet forums, some of which are mouse specific. You may be able to get a recommendation for a good mouse breeder in your area as well as ideas for cage layouts and toys.
  • Some employees may lie about the mice so you will buy them. Be cautious.
  • Female mice should not be kept alone. Male mice are harder to keep together happily.
  • Look up some ethical breeders or rescues online if you decide to get some mice.


  • Make sure you have money saved up in cause your mice need to go to the vet. If you cannot afford to take ANY animal to the vet then you should NOT get that animal.
  • Remember to get a large cage for your mice. MANY cages sold are unsuitable as they are just too small and rotastak and other modular systems have a host of enrichment and health issues that make them a poor and sometimes cruel choice.
  • Make sure you are READY to get your mice before you buy one. An owner that doesn't have the resources or knowledge to have a mice may cost the tiny critter its life.

Things You'll Need

  • Before you go to get a mouse, here are the things you'll need.
  • Cage
  • Bedding
  • Mouse Food
  • Mouse Toys
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Lots of Love
  • A safe environment
  • Water

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