How to Pick the Right Items for Your New Computer

Many people have trouble choosing the right type of computer for them. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place! Do you need a lot of storage? Maybe a large hard drive. Run lots of applications at the same time? Maybe you need a faster processor. Are you a gamer who needs better graphics and faster game play? Maybe you need a large video card. Read on and find out how to customize your computer to fit your personal needs! Remember, read the whole article to know what you need! If you don't, then you might miss a very important detail to making your computer life a bit more interesting.


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    Consider your storage requirements.
    • If you have lots of large files, like movies and music, you should probably get a fairly big hard drive, around 250GB or even 320GB. Don't get a hard drive under 100GB. Anything below that is just too small for most people.
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    What about your processor?
    • Think about the number of applications that you run simultaneously. If you run a lot of apps simultaneously, think about a processor in the 2.0GHz range, with 2MB or more of L2 cache. Gamers should seriously consider a processor with lots of L2 cache; in the range of 4+ MB's. For the average user, a 1GHz or 2GHz dual-core processor should be fine.
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    There's too many video cards! Which should I get?
    • Ensure that you have the video card that you require. Do you play many games? Get a fairly new card with around 512MB of GDDR3 or later memory. Make sure your power supply can handle the new card's power requirements. If you don't play games, a mid-range card around $75-100 should suit you. Integrated graphics are not recommended, as they do not have their own dedicated memory and steal some of the systems'. If you use 3D rendering or similar applications, a workstation card like the NVIDIA Quadro FX that supports OpenGL well is a must-have.
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    And what about memory?
    • Always know that the more system memory you have, the better. For systems running any version of Windows Vista, 2GB of DDR2 RAM or better is highly recommended. The recommended amount for XP users is 1GB, though 2GB or more will certainly speed things up. Linux users should be fine with 1GB, but again, the more memory, the better.


  • Always ask before you buy! Buying the wrong type of part can delay your build or upgrade for weeks.
  • Don't get scammed! Always check multiple stores before purchasing. Two of the best sites, in terms of price and service, are and


  • If you are planning on installing your new parts yourself, whether in a new build or in an existing machine, remember to use an anti-static wristband to avoid ruining your components!

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