How to Pick Party Games for a Gaming Console

Three Methods:Distinguishing Party Games From Other Video GamesDeciding Which Console to Play OnChoosing a Party Game

A party can be a day or night full of fun and joy for all the the quest attending. The lively atmosphere can be further livened up with the employment of party games.The choice of games should not only be your personal preferences but also take into consideration the playing taste of the guests coming to the party.This article will help make the decision process more easy.

Method 1
Distinguishing Party Games From Other Video Games

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    Learn what party games are. Party games are designed to give the atmosphere of playing a game at an actual get together with multiple people. This class of games can encourage social interaction, and provide entertainment and recreation for those at the gathering event. Party games are designed to be playable by all skill levels from advanced to beginner.
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    Remember party games are made to accommodate a large number of players at one time. Unlike board games or card games which the number of participants is limited by the game itself and or the equipment used to play the game. You can't play poker cards with 100 people or Monopoly! Party games the number is 4,6,8,10 or more, but in some cases the number is indefinite.
    • Party games rarely have what is called player elimination. Again the games here are designed as icebreakers and for keeping the group together. This is great for a shy or awkward person who has problems interacting with people.

Method 2
Deciding Which Console to Play On

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    Take into consideration the gaming console the guests play at home. PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, DS; the list never ends! I While choosing a console, though, keep in mind who's coming to the party. If everyone has Xbox 360s and they love Xbox games, Playstation games wouldn't be the best option. Another thing to remember is that you don't have to pick just one!
    • All games have a specific format of console they'll work. Look for the logo of the console on the game disk or package. Playstation games can be tricky as some PS3 Three Console models only play PS3 disks. Other models will easily be able to read and display PS3 as well as PS2 and PS1. Many identical games can be disk formatted for different systems as are many sporting games. Sort this out before the party.
    • Make you also check the accessories of your particular console. Make sure your disk are unscratched, not smudged, and clean. Make sure your controllers, step pads are working and free of missing buttons. Make sure the microphones work for games that are voice activated. Make sure your memory is adequate for playing games as well cleaning out junk game files.
    • Although vintage games aren't true party games you can have a Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari party and have your guest (if they are able) bring old games from that particular system.

Method 3
Choosing a Party Game

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    Learn what makes party games different from other games. A party game is a video game designed to played by multiple(3+) players at one setting in one place at a time. Playing a game on Facebook is not playing a party game because the people on in different places at one time.
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    Choose a game appropriate for the needs and interest of the guest coming to the party. There are also many game 3D fighting games, dancing games, and interactive music playing and dancing exercise games that'll entertain any age gamer. If your guest have a broad interests you can be safe to choose a video game playable version of a board game or a game show like Jeopardy or Wheel.
    • There are lots of trivia games will make any party fun and exciting. These ask questions on a variety of topics the same way Jeopardy does.Another good choice is classic arcade games on Playstation or Xbox format that will amuse everybody and provide a load of game choices on one disk.
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    Consider the most popular choices of party games so that your party will be a blast. Everybody has their own favorites but if your are unsure of the preferences you might want to consider a more general or classic game that satisfies the majority of the people.
    • The Mario Party series is a 4 (or sometimes 8) player game that practically is a board game which each player fills spaces of his/her color by playing mini games which can be racing or fighting. The player can also go against the computer as well. Mario Party like all Mario Games only plays on Nintendo brand consoles like WII, GameCube. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a game where the Characters of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Bros. Games compete against each other in an Olympic like sports events.
    • Hasbro Family Game Night is a series of games that is available for Playstation and Xbox which has practically Hasbro brand board games such as Battleship, Bop It, Sorry!, Scrabble with or without added features. Sorry! game has sliders. Yahtzee Bowling is Yahtzee with bowling. Another one called Family Fun Pack has favorites such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivia. This game is available for XBOX 1 and Playstation 4 consoles. Different console versions have different games than others.
    • Trivial Pursuit is one of the majority of Trivia games that work like Jeopardy the game asks a question and the players must respond with the correct answer. You Don't Know Jack is another trivial games that throws questions in several modes or what is gibberish (a phrase or word scrabbled up).
    • Any of the sports games like NBA 2K Series are really party games in their own right because 4 or more players can play on a team or on two separate teams. The same goes for fighting/battle games such as Tekken Tag Tournament, and Killer Instinct. With some the hits are shown as blood and gore and others are marked by fireworks and sparks.
    • Just Dance on Wii is a great example of one of many dance party party. Instead of the traditional hand control the player holds a motion sensing device as tries to follow moves the dancer on the game display. Many singing or rapping party games use a microphone instead o the motion sensor thing. Guitar Hero and others like have a instrument accessory that simulates playing the actual instruments.
    • Hunting and adventure party simulate being in a 3D battlefield like going into a haunted house, walking in corn maze or playing a paintball, lazer tag game. Call of Duty, Final Fantasy XIII, Zelda, Twisted Metal are examples. Pick the more fiery or sparky ones for sensitive people who don't like gore and blood.
    • Many favorite series, licensed characters and children's favorites also come in party games. Shrek: Treasure Hunt, Shrek Super Party, Disney Channel All Star Party, chances are your favorite show will soon become in some way made into a party game.
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    Take in consideration who is coming to your party. It's your party and you can play whatever you want however it's in good manner to consider the age and ability of the guest to the party. Some games are made for preschoolers who are learning ABC's and 123's which would bore teenagers and adults. "Halo" games are too advanced for youngsters and are a hit with teens.
    • Don't be afraid to eliminate or limit the amount of gore and blood when necessary in fighting games and war games. A fighting game that shoots sparks instead of blood and guts is a good substitute for a sensitive person or at a family gaming party.
    • Read the age ratings to make sure you don't play a explicit game (nudity,swearing,violence) at a child's birthday party.
    • Have a spare even broken control around for a little toddler or youngster. Many little ones get a kick out of just holding the control and "playing along". It's really amusing and picture worthy when you see little sibling having the time of his life.
    • If your throwing like a wedding party or someone else's birthday party. Be careful not to let the game become the sole purpose of the party! This can be very rude and disrespectful for the host of or guest being at the party. Pick something like singing, trivia or dancing to be sure this doesn't happen.


  • Some games need extra hardware, accessories, or drivers(software) to work. Playstation Move, Wii Motion Plus, Expansion Packs, Kinect. are examples.Try to get more inclusive games that don't need extras to function.
  • Using some party games in some modes uses data just like playing a game online which can easily gobble up your data on your monthly plan. After you play such games watch your data usage bill!


  • Red flashes and explosions in some games can cause seizures and mental problems for some people.
  • Games with gore or blood can cause some people to feel nausea, dizziness, fainting, and vomiting in some people. War and violent scenes in some games can similar results in some individual as well.

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