How to Pick out Your First Pet

Knowing how to pick out your first pet is very important! If you don't know how to pick out your first pet then your first pet experience could be a total disaster!Follow these steps and your first pet could be just what you and your family wanted!!!


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    Research. Don't just jump into getting a pet. Research is the most important step there is! Even if you think research is not that important you thought wrong! If you don't research the kind of pet that would be best for you and your family then getting your pet could be a disaster! You need to find a pet that best suites your family. If you have young children then a small pet like a fish, rabbit, or a hamster would be a good choice. If you have older kids then you could probably get a dog,but even then you need to make sure you get the right kind of breed.If you did some research and you think a dog would be a good choice for your family, try talking to a breeder and see if they agree with the kind of dog you are planning on getting.
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    Pet proof your house. Before you get your pet you need to make sure your house will be suitable for your pet. If you are getting any rodents or rabbits, it's best to keep them in a cage inside, maybe on the floor or on a clean desk. For birds, just get them a bird cage and put it on the wall or a desk, maybe even your fridge! But make sure you're fridge doesn't shake or anything!If you are getting a dog or a cat you need to make sure you have a sleeping place for them. You need to have a place to put there cage and you also need to make sure you put away any chewable or scratchable objects.You also might have to put down newspaper in pets cage so it does not go to the bathroom in its cage. Lastly if you are getting a big dog you have to make sure you have enough space so it can run around.You should not get a big dog if you live in a small house or an apartment.
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    Look around. Don't get the first pet up for offer. Once you know what pet you are getting you have to get the right stuff for it. Once you get to a store here is what you need to get,If you are getting a small pet you will need a cage, food, water, bedding and maybe a chew stick! (Make sure you have a bowl and a bottle for the food.) If you are getting a dog you will need a bed, a leash,toys,a collar, food and a water bowl, and maybe a cage if you do not already have one. You will also need care and grooming supplies.
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    Make sure you get your pet home safely. Before you pick up your pet make sure you have a place for it to ride home. If you are getting a cat or dog hold it in your arms so it does not jump around, and if you are getting an animal in a cage hold the cage in your arms as well.Once you arrive home make the introduction slow so the pet does not get nervous or scared. If you do all of these steps then you will have a great experience with your pet!

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