How to Pick Out a Sled

Choosing the right sled for your needs requires thinking about what you'll use it for, the conditions it'll be used on and the ways in which you prefer to sled. This article offers some suggestions for you to consider before choosing your sled.


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    Think about what you are looking for in a sled. Speed? Control? Durability? Match the sled type to the desired outcome:
    • Plastic saucers will get you a chaotic amount of speed. They are also very durable. They offer almost no control.
    • Foam sliders are somewhere in between fast, and controllable. They are not too durable, as they will fold if bent excessively.
    • Rubber tubes are like Bowser in Mario Kart. Fast, heavy, and next-to-impossible to control.
    • Carpet sleds are fragile for a sled, and are pretty cheap, but they aren't great at doing their job.
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    Think about what conditions of snow you normally get in winter. Powder? A thin layer with ice underneath? Wet?
    • Foam and rubber tube sleds will go nicely on any type of snow.
    • Plastic saucers will go slowly on thick powder snow, anything else will get you to pee your pants. Same story with carpet sleds.
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    Consider your sledding style. This will impact the type of sled you go for.
    • Plastic is good for the aggressive sledder.
    • Foam is good for the person who is both aggressive and serious.
    • Carpet is good for that little kid with anxiety.
    • Rubber tubes will satisfy the person who owns a 4-door Aston Martin, meaning that they like to just chill out while putting themselves at risk.
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    Go on the internet and find a cheap one, while making sure that the prices are not so low that you know that they are pieces of junk. Now you can go sledding with a sled that you enjoy. Have fun.

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