How to Pick Atkins Diet Products

Many Atkins Certified products are available to order online or can be found at your local supermarket. The official Atkins website sells food products, but the company no longer makes nutritional supplements in pill form.


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    Try a starter kit. By registering on the Atkins website, you become eligible for a free Atkins Quick Start Kit. The kit contains a cookbook, a quick start guide, a carbohydrate counter and 3 free Atkins bars.
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    Purchase Meal Advantage products. Meal Advantage bars are designed as meal replacements or as filling snacks. Each bar averages approximately 3 net carbs per serving.
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    Consider Advantage products. These products are designed to replace high-carbohydrate snacks. Most of these bars and shakes have fewer calories than Meal Advantage bars, but they also average about 3 net carbs per serving.
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    Replace light snacks with a Daybreak bar or shake. These treats average about 150 calories and come in a variety of flavors such as Apple Crisp, Strawberry Banana and Cherry Pecan.
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    Choose Endulge treats when you’re really craving a dessert. These desserts will curb your sweet cravings without all of the added sugar.
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    Try some Atkins Cuisine. Atkins Certified pasta and baking mix can help you to make over your meals for low-carb living.


  • Only purchase Atkins Certified products. The company guarantees their nutritional measurements, and they guarantee that they have tested the products’ effects on blood sugar.
  • During the Induction phase, don’t eat a low-carb product that contains more than 3 net carbs. During the OWL phase, limit yourself to 2 servings of low-carb products per day.


  • Make sure that you are ingesting balanced nutrition in addition to eating diet bars and shakes. Make sure to get 12 to 15 grams of carbs from foundation vegetables during Induction and to add fruit and whole grains as appropriate during later phases.
  • Overindulging on low-carb products will hamper your weight loss efforts.

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  • Atkins Meal Advantage
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