How to Pick a Theme for a Garden Party

Selecting a theme for your garden party is dependent on the time of year, the occasion and what sort of budget you're planning on spending. This article aims to help you out.


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    Consider the time of year. The theme will be impacted by the time of year, as you can only do so much with a wintry garden, while a summer garden presents all sorts of opportunities. Also, holiday events need to be taken into account, such as whether it's a Halloween garden party or a Fourth of July party.
    • The season itself can suggest a great theme. For example, a theme to do with spring could inspire such themes as "bumblebee hive hangout", "bunny's den" or "blooming flower celebration."
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    Consider the age group the party is being targeted at. The age of the party attendees will determine the theme to a great extent. For example, children are more likely to appreciate cute, dress-up themes, while adults will appreciate more genteel and afternoon tea oriented themes for the garden party. Of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule, as the adults might want to act like kids and the kids like the grown-ups.
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    Try to involve the layout and realities of your garden as part of your theme selection. It's all very well wanting a murder mystery theme to your garden party when there is absolutely nowhere to role play or hide clues. Look for elements in the garden that suggest a theme. Some ideas include:
    • A garden with a pond and small alcove might be ideal for a mermaid party for little girls.
    • A garden with a large lawn area might be ideal for afternoon tea and croquet.
    • A garden with many herbs might be great for a party themed on herbal delights, both teas and food.
    • A garden with lots of great edibles might inspire a garden swap party theme, where keen gardening friends all turn up to exchange seeds.
    • A garden with lots of trees in it could inspire various themes from fairy tales in the woods for little children to a jungle theme for older party-goers.
    • A garden with lots of cacti, succulents and large open spaces might suggest a safari theme.
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    Read through gardening magazines and books written by gardeners for more ideas about themes. Try to find books that show entertaining in garden spaces; this will allow you to borrow and tailor existing ideas to suit your own garden.


  • A garden party is best to be held in the spring or summer, when flowers are in bloom, or ready to pick. Make sure there's enough good food, have fun activities to do, and just let that spring vibe sink in. However, there are people who adore their garden in the snow, so don't be intimidated––just rug up well!

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