How to Pick a Random wikiHow Activity to Do

Two Methods:Using a ContainerUsing a Phone App

If you get tired of doing the same activities repeatedly on wikiHow, think about creating a random picker just for fun or for motivation.

Method 1
Using a Container

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    Write down the activities you like to do. Avoid writing down anything that you don't enjoy doing, or don't get any satisfaction out of doing.
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    Cut the ideas into paper strips.
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    Add them to a container and choose one.
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    Enjoy your chosen activity! Put the paper strip on the side and choose another activity when you want to do something else.

Method 2
Using a Phone App

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    Search and install a random generator on your phone.
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    Add wikiHow activities that you enjoy doing.
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    Allow the app to randomly choose an activity for you.
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    Enjoy your chosen activity!
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    Uncheck or clear it and choose another one when you want to do something else.


  • This is best when you want to put a time limit on what you're doing, or if you edit wikiHow, take a break, and come back to the site.
  • Another way is to click the Random Article button and see what articles are waiting for you!

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