How to Pick a Pet By Playfulness

It can sometimes be very hard to choose a pet. One way to help you choose correctly is to note how your possible-pet-to-be responds to you through play at the point of sale. Follow the steps in this article to see if your pick-of-the-pets is the right one. Of course, this article applies more to mammals and some birds than to reptiles or fish.


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    Look at all the pets available very carefully. Spend time observing the way that your pet interacts with other pets. Even fish can show an interesting side when they meet other fish!
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    Ask for a little time to play with the animal that interests you.
    • Be gentle and kind
    • Play for a short time only
    • Do not make any sudden, fast, or jerky movements
    • Sing gently or whistle low if you are testing a bird's playfulness
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    Watch to see how the pet reacts to you personally, to your smell, to your actions. Does the interaction feel "right"? Do the two of you click? Does the pet seem playful enough for you?
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    Compare the pets that you have had a chance to play with. Think about:
    • Which pet was the friendliest with you?
    • Which pet seemed to enjoy playing with you the most?
    • Which pet has the most playful nature?
    • Which pet was least afraid of the newness of you and the playing situation?
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    Add up the answers from these questions and match them with your gut feeling. Play is a really good way to determine if the pet will settle well, enjoy your company, and be a good fit in your lifestyle. Remember that your choice might not necessarily be the prettiest animal but it should for sure be the one that is friendliest with you.


  • If you live with small children, it is not a good idea to pick a pet that is impatient and snappy. Babies and toddlers aren't very quiet and don't know much about animals, so being bitten by a mean pet isn't good for them (or anyone, for that matter).

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