How to Photograph a Disney World Vacation

A trip to Walt Disney World would not be nearly as memorable if you left your camera at home. This article will explain how to capture the memories of your Orlando vacation without spending a fortune for professional photographs.


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    Buy yourself an affordable, good-quality, lightweight digital camera online or at any electronics retailer at least a few weeks before your trip. This will give you time to send it back for repairs should there be any problems after you purchase it. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for a decent, handheld camera. Remember, as long as it works, you can take it with you.
    • If you already have a digital camera, you shouldn't have to go out and purchase a brand new one for the trip. Just make sure it's in working order and has plenty of memory before you leave for Florida.
    • Disposable cameras are cheap and easy to use, but not good if you want to take lots of photos or complex shots. If your kids want to take some pictures on their own, you can buy a few disposables at any drugstore, supermarket, etc.
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    If you're not completely sure on how to operate a digital camera, learn how to use one before the trip. While you probably know the basics of it, wikiHow and other free online resources have some great articles that can help you get the hang of using your camera. Also read the instruction manual that comes with your camera carefully.
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    Pack the camera in your carry-on bag before you head to the airport. There probably are not many memorable pictures you can take while waiting for your plane, so pack it away in a tightly-sealed plastic bag and don't worry about it until you arrive. Besides, most airlines prohibit passengers from taking photos while onboard nowadays, and it could get lost or left behind at the gate.
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    When you arrive in Orlando, get unpacked and settled in at your hotel or rental home before getting out the camera. Take a few "before the fun" shots that show how exhausted you are from the plane ride there.
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    Head out to any of the Disney theme parks, water parks or other attractions and put your camera to good use. Take pictures of the parade, your kids enjoying the fireworks show, your youngest getting off his first roller coaster ride or your little princess meeting with Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom. These are the moments you'll want to capture and remember for posterity!
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    After you return home from your trip, order prints from your camera or go to the photo store and print them yourself. This way you can select which ones are worth keeping and which ones you missed deleting on the trip home.
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    Make a photo album with your kids and enjoy reminiscing over the hopefully great time you had at Walt Disney World!


  • Make sure you bring enough camera supplies with you on the trip, and pack a few extra batteries, memory cards, etc. just in case.
  • If you want your family to pose in front of a certain attraction or landmark for a picture and a group is already there, wait until they have finished before taking your photo.
  • Be kind to other visitors and take a photo of them or their group if you're asked. After all, they've probably asked you because you have a camera too and look trustworthy with theirs.
  • Of course, if your camera was stolen or gets lost, file a report with Disney security if it happened on the resort's property. Elsewhere, inform the police.
  • Don't delete any pictures until the end of the day, when you have a chance to go through them before bed. You may accidentally delete a good shot if you do this quickly while waiting in line for a ride, walking through the park, etc.
  • If, unfortunately, your camera breaks during the trip, there's not much you can do about it but try taking it to a local camera repair shop. However it will be expensive and your camera will probably not be fixed by the time the trip is over. Use caution with the camera to prevent this from happening.
  • Disney has a slew of professional photographers that will swarm you for expensive photos at each theme park. My advice is to take your own pictures - does a few pixels better really matter? If they approach you for a picture, politely decline and thank them for asking.


  • Take your camera when leaving the rides. Make sure you have it with you, and if not, notify the ride operator as soon as you get off. If it fell out of your bag or pocket during a ride, they may send someone to look for it.
  • Store your camera in a locked locker while you go on the rides. If you happen to have it with you when boarding a water ride (Kali River Rapids at the Animal Kingdom, for example), seal it inside a case and close it in the plastic bin provided in the center of the raft. If you don't, you risk getting the camera water damaged.
  • Never leave your digital camera or other valuables unattended, even for a minute. Anyone can walk up and swipe it from you.

Things You'll Need

  • A digital camera (for you)
  • Disposable cameras (for the kids, optional)
  • Memory (any more than 500 photos is good)
  • Plenty of batteries

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