How to Personalize Your Desk

Four Methods:Changing the deskClearing out your deskPositioning the deskPersonalizing the desk

A personalized desk enables you to feel more at home when you're studying or working at it. It can also be nice to improve the look of a desk to match the rest of the room's décor.

Part 1
Changing the desk

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    Look over your desk as it currently is. Does it tend to be messy? Or is it always super neat? Does it look cool? Do you have many drawers, or do you have a hutch? Whatever the current style of your desk, the main question is: Do you feel like it needs to change or improve?
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    Consider whether the desk itself needs to be changed. Before personalizing your desk, be sure it's the desk you really want to keep. If it isn't, make plans to purchase or obtain a new one. Some ideas for places to get desks at all ranges of cost include:
    • Furniture stores, box stores, homeware stores
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    • Auctions (both online and on site)
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    • From family and friends who no longer want a desk that you fancy
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    • Thrift stores, charity shops, and secondhand stores
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    • Freecycle, Craigslist, etc.
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    • Build your own or renovate an old desk.
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Part 2
Clearing out your desk

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    Clear away everything that you already have on and in your desk. It's important to begin with a clean slate.
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    Choose what to keep and what to donate or dispose of. Are there items that you can't do without? Are there lots of bits and pieces that no longer interest you? Place things into keep and give away piles and throw out all rubbish.

Part 3
Positioning the desk

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    Consider whether you like the position of the desk. Sometimes changing the position can give you a whole new perspective on working in this space. Ponder different positions in the room or space, perhaps draw up a map of where you'll place it and other furniture pieces. When deciding where a desk is best located, consider the following:
    • Choose a position with plenty of light. If you don't have natural light, the space must have plenty of artificial lighting that reaches over it.
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    • Choose a quiet area where you won't be distracted or disturbed while working at it. In some cases this might be a whole room for your study space, in others, you may need to strategically block off the space with a curtain or other pieces of furniture.
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    • Make it easy to access your desk. If you have to squeeze in and out, it will be less inviting. Always ensure there is enough leg room and room to shift your chair in and out.
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Part 4
Personalizing the desk

The following ideas present a range of possible ways to personalize your desk. Pick and choose what interests you.

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    Paint the desk. If you're tired of its existing color, maybe give it a new one altogether. Or, just paint the drawers. You could paint the drawers all the same color, two tone or a range of colors. Maybe a white desk with hot pink insides for the drawers. Or maybe a desk with white drawers painted with a rainbow of polka dot colors.
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    Decoupage the desk. Cover your desk in your favorite images and finish off with a decoupage varnish.
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    Add lots of funky accessories. Theme your desk with fun accessories that express your personality. These accessories could be themed in a color, a favorite character, patterns, etc.
    • Display your accessories neatly. If you have a hutch or stand, arrange everything neatly. Otherwise, place excess items in drawers, so that you have plenty of desk space left clear to work on.
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    Add photographs. Photos are a perfect way to personalize a desk. Include pictures of family, friends, pets and any famous images you like. Arrange these so that they are not in the way of your work but can still be seen easily.
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    Use a bulletin board for inspiration. Place a bulletin either hanging over your desk or leaning against the wall from your desk. Use it pin up inspirational images and messages that will focus your studies or work at that desk.
    • Alternatively, hang a cute ribbon across the middle empty space, like a clothesline, and clip up little reminders and notes on it. Use the tiny clothes pins found in dollar stores.
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    Arrange special items on and around your desk. Make use of little compartments in your desk, or buy some at the store to keep organizing. Use them to put items that are special to you on display, for example, a pair of ceramic pointe shoes, an autographed CD, a special seashell, a special pen, etc. Use anything that's cute, interesting or funky. Also choose items that remind you of something important to you.
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    Buy a decorative desk pad. If you have a computer, most of the room will be taken up by that, but don't let that stop you from buying a large white desk pad. It's great for drawing while on the phone, and jotting important things down. Make it colorful, and a work of art.
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    Stay organized. Even though you're personalizing your desk, keep it tidy and easy to use. If you have a lot of papers on your desk generally, think of buying an organizer to stack up the papers. Give them all appropriate labels. That way, you can be clutter free.


  • Make an effort to keep your desk neat. If it's messy all the time, all the hard work you will have done will have gone to waste. If you are a very messy person, make it easier, and get dividers, and make labels so everything has a place.
  • If your desk drawers have a tough time opening and closing, take the drawer out, and rub soap on the sides and bottom. It will make the drawer slide easily, and won't mess up all your things every time you try to open it.
  • Less is always more.
  • Do not create a junk drawer. It might seem like a good idea to put all your random things in one place, but don't. Eventually, you won't be able to open it, it will be so full!
  • Don't stop at your desk––match your chair, maybe writing musical lyrics on it in different colored sharpies.

Things You'll Need

  • A desk
  • Paint in different colors
  • Drawer pulls
  • Bulletin board/white board
  • Ribbon
  • White Desk Pad
  • Paper organizers
  • Pencil holder
  • Things that represent you
  • Some magazines to cut things out of

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