How to Perform an Incredibly Easy Card Trick

Here's how to perform a simple, yet great card trick that will amaze you and your friends!


  1. Image titled Take any 16 cards from a 54 card deck and shuffle Step 1
    Take any 16 cards from a 54-card deck and shuffle the 16 cards.
  2. Image titled Have the 16 cards facing upward Step 2
    Have the 16 cards, one behind the other, facing upward. Memorize the card at the front of the pile, but make it unclear to the audience what you are doing; you can do this by saying something like, "I am now checking I have 16 cards exactly".
  3. Image titled Turn over the cards Step 3
    Turn over the cards, so the card you memorized is now at the back. Begin with the card at the top and lay 4 cards from left to right and do this again until you have 4 sections each containing 4 cards on top of each other. (You must do this in order.)
  4. Image titled Pretend to guess the card for the first section Step 4
    Pretend to guess the card for the first section on the left, but say the card you have memorized.
  5. Image titled Picked up and repeat Step 5
    Before you turn over the card of the second pile, say it will be the card that you previously picked up and repeat this for the third and fourth set of cards. The card you memorized should be at the top of the fourth set of cards and you should have all the cards you mentioned only not in the order you said. The audience will be shocked to see all of them there!


  • When you reveal the card, do so mysteriously.
  • Make sure it is not clear you memorized the card and have a reason for checking the pile.
  • Make sure you have 16 cards exactly.


  • Even though you know there are 16 cards, do this anyway as having 16 cards exactly is very important and the trick will not work if you do this incorrectly.

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