How to Perform an Aggie Yell

The Texas A&M Aggie Yells are a unique part of the Texas A&M sports experience. Knowing how to properly perform them can make your experience at one of A&M's sports venues a much more enjoyable and unforgettable experience. While they can seem like a jumbled mixture of hand signals and hollering to those unfamiliar with them, they are very simple to perform, if you know how.


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    Use your hands to perform the appropriate passback. Each yell has its own unique corresponding hand signal called a passback. The yell leaders will first make one of these hand motions to alert the crowd that a yell is about to be performed. Once a member of the crowd notices a pass back being made by one of the yell leaders or another member of the crowd, they themselves will imitate the passback. This is to make it so everyone is aware a yell is about to take place, even if they can not see the yell leaders, or are not paying attention to them at the time.
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    Hump it, by bending slightly forward and placing your hands on your knees or thighs. At this point it is also considered tradition by some to remove your hat (if you are wearing one) or to uncover. Whether you do or not, is up to you.
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    Recite the Words to the Yell in time with the Yell leaders' signals. The yell leaders will do a series of synchronized motions with one another. The motions vary from yell to yell. Each motion signals to the crowd that a syllable, word, or letter is to be shouted by the crowd. Most yells also include a long, sustained shout, usually near the end of the yell.
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    Perform your class wildcat. A Wildcat is a class-specific cheer. If you are not an A&M student, you can ignore this step.



  • Be prepared to be mocked by some members of the crowd if you do not uncover for a yell.

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