How to Perform an "Arrum" in Basketball

In basketball, an "arrum" is a move in which the player with the ball tricks a defender into jumping in order to draw a foul. This is a move that takes some practice and really stands out to coaches and recruiters. If you are interested in learning more about this move and becoming a better point guard, read on.


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    Get The Ball. If you are the point guard on your team, bring the ball down the floor to the offensive side. If you are not the point guard, call for the ball. Yell, "ball!" or "pass!" When you are passed to, immediately peek at the basket so that you can see where you are on the floor and whether or not you are open.
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    Evaluate. Once you have the ball, determine whether or not you are open. If you see an open lane, drive toward the basket until you are stopped by a defender. If you do not have an open lane and the defense is on you immediately, prepare to shoot.
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    Jump Stop. Make sure you keep control of your body and the ball as your stop in front of the defender. Jump stop explosively, landing with both feet on the ground. Move the ball into "triple threat" position to keep it protected from the defender. Stay low, and stay powerful.
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    Fake a shot by dropping into a squat and pretending to shoot without actually releasing the ball. Make it a believable fake. It should look exactly like your shot. This should cause the defender guarding you to jump in the air, as if to block you.
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    Go Up Strong. Wait for the defender to reach the climax of their jump, and then jump up and into them as you shoot. This should cause the defender to return to the ground on top of you. Put up the shot, allow the defender to hit you, scream, and fall to the ground. This should draw a foul and earn you two free throws, as well as a foul on the opposing team.
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    Sink Your Free Throws. An arrum is only useful if you make your free throws once you are fouled. If you miss one or both, the move wasn't very useful because you did not get as many points as you would have just shooting the ball when you were open. This is a time when being able to make free throws pays off. Practice them!


  • Go up strong- it is better to make your shot AND draw a foul. This allows you to have a three-point play if you also get to shoot a free throw.
  • If you do not draw the foul, quickly get up and keep playing. Never argue with the official about not calling a foul- you will not win.
  • Jump and shoot off of two feet, not one. Typically, officials call fouls if you are in control and jump off of two feet.
  • If you scream and fall down when you are fouled, the official is more likely to see it, and you are more likely to draw the foul.


  • This has possible risk of injury if completed out of control. This move can only be successfully completed if you are completely in control of yourself and the ball.

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