How to Perform a Trick on a Skateboard

Skateboarding alone is fun and entertaining, but do you want to take it to the next level, tricks? Hopefully, this article will help you land your first trick.


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    Get a good speed. You don't need a lot of speed, unless it is a ramp. But on flat ground, it is actually pretty stupid to try to learn how to do a trick for the first time by getting a ton of speed. If you're good, then you're usually used to good speed and it doesn't matter because you would have good skateboard sense. But, if you are learning how to do a heel flip, don't bother going for speed.
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    Jump or do a trick. Learn how to ollie; learn everything there is to know about getting that board off the ground.
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    To land it, put your feet on the bolts on opposite sides of the board. Try not to land with your feet on the nose or tail or the middle of the board, this can result in a broken skateboard or a bail. You need to keep your center of gravity "over" the center of the board. Many people have a self-defeating habit of shifting back into the board or kicking the board forward a little bit unintentionally so they won't land on the board but on their butts. The only way to do a trick is to do it right and in order to do that you must stay over the board! If you don't do this, you will never land it and if you do you will land on the backside of the board and flip the board forward when you go flying backward. No fear, just stay over the board.
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    Then, simply land. Watch videos, friends, anything to see how things are done; simply reading about it isn't enough. Watch their eyes, their feet, and their position over the board and notice all the little things that separate the people who land tricks from those who don't.


  • Understand the why's of each step.
  • Watch others, become a student of skateboarding, not just a skateboarder.


  • There is a good chance you're going to fall, so suck it up and make it happen, it'll be worth it when you finally have the trick down.
  • Be mindful of your speed.
  • Only skateboard in places allowed.

Things You'll Need

  • A skateboard.
  • Some air (the height of a jump).
  • A good place to jump.
  • Skill

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