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This article will show you several techniques and methods for silently taking out a guard, sentry, or soldier in any situation where stealth is required (for example, while playing paintball or manhunt). After all, airsoft and paintball guns make noise, and we don't always want to give away our position.


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    Learn how to move silently.
    • Roll your feet. Place the heel down first, lightly, then push into it as you shift your weight. Move more slowly on louder surfaces (gravel, sand, etc.)
    • Wear tight clothing. Loose clothing rubs together and can get snagged far more easily than Under Armour.
    • Control your breathing. Through the nose and out the mouth is ideal, but different people breath better with different techniques.
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    Acquire a target. A person away from a group is better (a scout or sniper) than a cluster, because - obviously - one person can only look in one direction while more people can watch more areas.
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    Observe your target for a while. The amount of time you have to observe them varies directly with how much the target is moving. For example, if the target is a sniper that is sitting perfectly still, not moving a muscle while they overlook the battlefield, you will have ample time to observe them. However, if they are a scout or commando heading towards your base, you may have less than thirty seconds to assess them.
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    Get close. Move silently and control your breath until you are within an arms length or less from them. This step takes much practice, as moving silently is not as easy as it seems. A creaking floor, a snapped twig, a crunched leaf, all of these can give you away. Another thing to remember is that if you move too fast, you will create a small movement of wind that will alert them to your presence, depending on how alert they are.
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    Take them out. Note: Do not use these in real life. These are meant for friendly games, and can cause real damage if used with malicious intent.
    • A choke hold is one method that requires no equipment. Step in close enough that your body is almost touching their back, then stomp or kick (use discretion if this is used in a game) the back of their knee, while at the same time pulling their head up. This will expose their throat. Loop your arm around their neck so that their throat is in the crook of your arm. With the hand of the choking arm, grab your other bicep, then clap your free hand over their mouth. If done properly, they will be unconscious in 5-10 seconds. After they go limp, release immediately.
    • Take them hostage. Using the same methods as described above,kick the back of their knee, but instead of putting them in a choke hold, place one hand over their mouth and your paintball marker or airsoft gun in their back. They can then be 'interrogated' to reveal their teams plans. Not applicable with Manhunt.
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    After you have captured your opponent, take them somewhere out of the way and leave them there until the game is over.


  • Wear appropriate camouflage: greens and browns for forests, greys for urban environments, or dark, dark blue at nighttime. White and light grey in the snow.
  • Beware of shadows. If they have their back to the setting or rising sun, and you come from behind them, they will see you and most likely whip around to greet you with some nasty attack.
  • Wear semi-tight clothing.


  • These techniques can be used to hurt someone. By reading this article, you assume full and total responsibility for any damages, injuries, etc. that you may or may not cause by use of said techniques.

Things You'll Need

  • Semi-tight clothing
  • Camouflage (optional)
  • A brain

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