How to Perform a Set Shot (in Basketball)

In basketball, many people don't know how to perform a set-shot; but know how to perform a similar shot, the jump shot. Set-shots are just as important as jump-shots, and if you know how to perform a set shot, it can greatly improve your game performance.


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    Stretching: Before you engage in any activity/sport, e.g. basketball, you should stretch to ensure that you do not strain any muscles during the exercise.
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    Get into position: Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, and face the basket. Bend your knees so that they are 45° from their original position and lean back slightly.
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    Shooting Hand/Arm Positioning: Hold the ball in your shooting hand. Your forearm should be vertically positioned; your elbow bent in an acute angle. Your fingertips should be facing you and your hand should be facing upward, in line with your eyes. Only hold the ball with your fingertips, making flicking your wrist much easier.
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    Off-Hand Positioning: Place your off-hand on the side of the ball; the thumb of that hand pointed toward the centre of your forehead. Your off-hand guides the ball and supports your shooting hand.
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    Performing the Set-Shot: Extend your arm with force, and when it is fully extended, flick your wrist to create backspin. Your off-hand should remain in its position. As you extend your arm, straighten your knees, lift onto your toes and then balance on them. Straightening your knees from a bent position provides your arm with pressure, therefore you do not need as much force from your arm to shoot. This should all be done simultaneously and with speed.


  • Only perform a set-shot when no other player is within 1.5m of you; if not, perform a jump shot.
  • Whenever you shoot, focus on the basket for at least 0.5 seconds to ensure shot accuracy.
  • Always have your feet facing the basket when shooting any shot other than a lay-up.
  • Practice, and engage in any improvement drills if you can.


  • Consult your doctor/GP if you have any medical conditions before you play any sport.

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